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  1. wanderlust

    Only Have RDB Files

    Honestly thanks for your help. But that accusation is offensive and ridiculous
  2. wanderlust

    Only Have RDB Files

    Thanks so much for your help, However when I press rebuild it isnt accepting my RDB files. In fact it seems to want the RBC files for this. Which I do not have When i rebuild from the RDB file it says Empty Catalogue file or not a Catalogue file.... But its not a catalogue file, its a rdb and im trying to rebuild the catalogue file
  3. My family had used retrospect a while ago and stored the RDB files on a hard drive. I now have these files and want to access them. They are too old to know what to do with them and I have never used retrospect before. But I can assume theres lots of memories in them. I have tried to access them. But I dont know what I can do with just RDB files. Anyone able to help?