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  1. I am getting an error message of "Can't continue using OnStream ADR, error -843 (resource is in use by another station)" The funny thing is that I am not doing anything with this backup device at the time. I get the same message but with my Quantum VS160 DC when it is the only device inoperation. The backup running is a transfer from a backup to disk now being transferred to tape. The backup will be proceeding just fine and then several of these errors will pop up. I click on each one and they go away and the backup proceeds normally for awhile and then the errors pop up again. This only happens when backing up to tape -- not disk. Running Single Server 7.0.301 under WinXP SP2.
  2. John.Welch

    Slow performance Quantum DLT VS160

    Thanks. Using 80/160 VS1 tapes. I have tried ASPI. This is not a Retrospect issue. I have a trouble ticket going with Quantum now.
  3. I have just replaced my OnStream ADR2 240sr tape drive with the Quantum DLT VS160. The 240sr backed up at about 300mb/min. The Quantum DLT VS160 backs up at about 116mb/min - on a new tape - while doing a transfer. The Quantum DLT VS160 is rated at 16mb/sec (960mb/min). Why is it not at least as fast as the 240sr? I got this drive because I wanted faster performance. The new drive continually starts and stops. The OnStream drive ran steady and only stopped between drives. btw, If I run this same transfer from its current location to another hard drive instead of the tape drive, the transfer rate is about 1400mb/min. So I know the hard drive and Retrospect settings are okay. Configuration: Retrospect 7 Single Server -- and most current rdu. I am running WinXP SP2, Intel 3.2Ghz HT processor, 1GB DDR PC3200, and using an Adaptec 29160 (Ultra SCSI 160 LVD). This tape drive is the only thing on the chain and the only SCSI device currently installed. The Quantum DLT VS160 firmware is the latest: major revision 37 I have disabled the Quantum DLT VS160 in the device manager. The Adaptec adapter shows a transfer rate capability of 160. I am not using encryption. Hardware compression is set to "On" in the backup set. Although hardware compression does not show up in the device properties. Why is that?
  4. John.Welch

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    I just fixed my problem with not being able to see the backup client. My system is: -Retrospect 6.5 installed on Win2K Professional -Client on XP SP2 1) Entering the IP into the "Test" box did not find the client. 2) I use the XP machine on my network all day so I can ping and etc. 3) One network card 4) Retrospect client was working until I installed SP2 5) Windows firewall is disabled 6) Zone Alarm is no longer loaded 7) I verified that the client was "On" and running. Still I couldn't see the client. Then it hit me. 1) When I installed SP2 I had made the machine a multi-media center in the living room and so removed password logon. I added back in a password and everything works. I hope this help someone.