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  1. Was backing up just fine till this weekend. Now a job that took 4 1/2 hours to complete up till 10/18, now takes 24 hours since 10/20. It seems to be from my observation is the backup job completes normal but when I hit the closing stage it seems to take forever. We run to a attached storage unit Saturday thru Thursday, Friday we go to tape. It was the Saturday that the slowness started. We did upgrade to 16.5 on the 15th but did have 3 nights of good backups after that. I have since updated to 16.5.1 hoping that would help but nothing improved. Log files show volumes that took 1 to 2 minutes to backup before now take 15 to 18 minutes to backup. But the actual backup times look the same it is just the closing part that is taking forever. Suggestions? PMC.zip