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  1. Thanks, David, I will do that. The odd thing is, I sent out instructions (with sequentially numbered pubkey.dat files) to four of our developers, just to see. Two of their laptops backed up - once. Two other developer laptops have not been. My laptop started a second backup, but seems to have made very slow progress. (Started yesterday at 6:15 PM, still running, so it says, now on "building the snapshot.") For all five of these scripts, I did not check the "remote backup clients" tag on the Scripts/Sources tab, but I did check the one I created in the Sources/Tags tab. I may wait till Monday to submit the request, as our Proactive scripts are set to run M-F, so perhaps more will "be found" and run after early Monday morning.
  2. What with the coronavirus and all, many in my office are working from home these days. We have been using Retrospect (version 16.5, Mac) for some time now. I set up remote backup according to the directions at https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/how_to_set_up_remote_backup. Rather than uninstalling and reinstalling with the server.txt and pubkey.dat files in the installer, I simply placed those files where they were supposed to go on my laptop, created a Remote Backup Clients tag on the server, and tagged one script (my own) with that tag. The script backed up my laptop remotely with no issues. Adding others, however, now has me concerned. I planned to send the server.txt and pubkey file (now renamed pubkey1.dat; it seems like they are supposed to be named sequentially, perhaps?) to another user and have him test it, but I added him and a couple of others to the Remote Backup Clients tag on the server prior to him placing the files on his client, to get a head start. One of the scripts I tagged as remote began to run, under my script. I stopped it immediately and removed all the remote backup client tags other than the one. I went back to the docs, and it doesn't make clear how you are supposed to do set up more than one. The image in the doc shows one script, labeled Remote Computers, with what looks like one source. Are my remote computers supposed to somehow be grouped into one script? That seems odd. Or can I label each individual proactive script as a member of the Remote Backup Clients tag, and if so, what do I need to do to make sure they are differentiated so that my script doesn't pick up someone else's source, as appeared to happen this morning? Is sequential numbering of the pubkey required? If so, do I need to somehow note which source got what number? Or do I just need to not check the remote backup client tag on the server till everything is in place on the individual client? Do I need to uninstall each client and reinstall with the key and server info inserted into the installer? Or is there something else I need to do? Thanks!