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    Duplicate-Copy has stopped working in 15.6

    Thanks very much for your help. After exhaustive testing I finally went for the Transfer Backup Sets option with the following changes in Options:- Verification Off (to speed things up). Executions > Transfers > Copy Snapshot ticked but everything else un-ticked (Especially the Recycle Source Backup as I want the original backups to remain intact as they are recycled by their own scripts after 3 months). Executions > Matching > Match source catalog file un-ticked. With Scheduled Executions set as recycle. Having now run this a few times “live” I am happy that it does exactly what I want it to do. Once again, thanks for your help. I trust this terminology is within your preciseness?
  2. I have been backing up my backup disks to another disk for some time but since I have moved from V12 to V15 it has stopped working. After many trials I think I have discovered the reason why and I'd like any thoughts on this as it is quite bizarre. It would appear that the duplicate program won't now copy from the original backup disk anything inside a folder called Retrospect!! I do a straight copy of the whole disk and all I get is the data that is not inside the retrospect folder although I do get an empty retrospect folder. I have ruled out any space issues. Thanks in advance.