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  1. ah yes, that worked perfectly well I opened them by keyboard arrow down, arrow left opened them up; but ctrl-click is a super trick, i shall remember that one ! Thanks!
  2. Hey DavidHertzberg, Thanks, that would have been perfect; sadly our version came from the stone age; (windows v10) Where that is probably not possible yet; we will have to look to upgrade I assume Thanks ! // edit I found a way; if i open them up 1 by 1 i can right click and "print" this way, i can print the structure to pdf. cheers!
  3. is it possible to completely unfolded export a snapshot export directory list ? If i go to snapshots for a user, I can see his directory : - dir - dir - dir but I would like to see : - dir ---- dir under -------- dir under - dir - dir --- dir ------- dir I wrote export but a screenshot would be fine also; Even better would be if we could copy that directory structure somewhere. Not sure that is possible ? I want the full directory tree, but not all of those where backed up. (in the latest) Thanks!