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    Cannot recycle disk

    Thanks a million Lennart. This worked - Recycled Disk and things are now backing up again!!!! 🙂 Not sure how I got the first one to back up without doing this, or why I wasnʻt told how to do this when I was told the disks need recycling. Iʻll keep a better eye on them now and do some grooming before they get so bad. Words canʻt express the gratitude I feel for your help from the other side of the world, when a company just down the road canʻt help me!!! Cheers and thanks bigtime!!!!
  2. redbeard60

    Cannot recycle disk

    Thanks for your reply Lennart_T. I really appreciate your help when this is all new to me. Sorry to ask a really stupid question but if you canʻt recycle while it is busy, how do I stop it. Iʻve read the Recycle section of the manual and I didnʻt say any additional steps and I canʻt remember doing any extra step with Backup Disk 1. The Recycle icon was not greyed out and apart from a confirm to proceed message, I didnʻt do any additional step. Maybe this is related to the disk being too full and its still trying to back up peopleʻs laptops? Re grooming, I tried that and got the attached message.....
  3. Hoping someone can help a newbie whoʻs not an IT tech, just a teacher with a bit of IT experience. Running Retrospect 14.6.2 on a Mac Mini Server. Backups stopped happening a while back. Worked out the backup external disks were getting full. I contacted the server company that installed Retrospect and they said to recycle the disks - with little additional guidance. I managed to recycle the first backup disk but when I select the second drive, the Recycle icon is greyed out. I just wonder if someone can tell me what I am doing incorrect or what additional step I havenʻt been informed to do first. Screen dump attached. Cheers for any help you can offer.