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  1. Thanks for the replies. It's correct that i'm located in Europe. My english is not perfect but i'll do my best. I currently have a backup job running which i don't want to cancel, so i can't answer the troubleshooting related replies right now. About the age of the mac pro machine. I know it's old but it still should be able to backup data to an LTO drive. It's not very a demanding thing to do. When a job is running the cpu load is below 20% and the machine is not running out of memory as it is only being used for Retrospect. I prefer to use the Retrospect client as well but in my case it is not possible because the backup sources are FreeNAS/FreeBSD or HP based storage machines. I have 1 Windows 10 machine running which is using the Retrospect client to write the veeAM backup files to tapes. This is the machine/source where the backupjob was asking for a new tape after only 100GB of copied data. The LTO drive make/model we use is an Overland Neo T24. It's a 24 slot library with a LTO7 drive. The library is connected to the mac pro with a SAS cable. The HBA we use in the mac pro is an ATTO H680 6Gb/s SAS interface. The interface is running the latest firmware/drivers. The library is 12 months old and in Retrospect i have a cleaning slot configured. As far as i can remember, Retrospect initiated 3 cleaning jobs during the last 12 months.
  2. Hello all, I'm working for a company some time who are using Retrospect for mac to backup projects. I've been working with other backup software before like veeAM, Symantec backupexec which worked great, while Retrospect is pulling my hairs out... I have so much issues with this software and i don't know why. It seems all very unlogical to me if i compare it with software like veeAM and backupexec. I if could switch to other software i would do that for sure... Issues: I backup from all kind of servers. They all have their data shared over the SMB protocol which are added as source in Retrospect. Backup data from 1 server is working fine but it's so slooow, like 2.3GB/m. While a manual file transfer of the same source is utilizing the 1Gbit network card... The library is a LTO7 connected over a SAS interface. Why is it so damn slow ? While running a backup of a FreeNAS server over SMB, the backup job often just fails (error: Execution incomplete, !Can't read state information, error -1.101 (file/directory not found)). Why? Retrospect is asking for new media while it doesn't have to. For example i'm backing up a project of around 21TB and it asked me for a 5th tape today. A LTO7 tape is compressed around 14TB and native around 6TB. Why ? Similar issue when running an offsite backup to tape. Retrospect asked for a new LTO7 tape after copying only 100GB of data while the complete backup was around 4TB.. Why ? I'm trying to automate my offsite backups during the weekend so i made scheduled jobs for that. It's look not possible to simply overwrite the tape everytime. How do i do this? The Retrospect version i'm running is Retrospect v16.1.2 The machine specs are: - OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6 - Mac Pro Early 2008 - CPU 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad core Xeon - 8GB memory - 2 x 2TB of storage