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  1. Disk Warrior repaired the disk. Backups are working successfully again. Apple's disk utility was unsuccessful.
  2. I wasn't the tech who repaired the disk. Would a 3rd party utility such as "disk warrior" create this type of problem? Should it be repaired again using the Apple disk utility?
  3. The Lacie is my source backup disk. They are all Mac Extended I believe and have not changed in 10+ years. the problem only began after the source disk was repaired.
  4. A lot of similar problems, but without proper solutions. As stated the disk catalog was repaired already. Do you think another repair attempt would solve the problem?
  5. Hello. Since repairing my external Lacie Big Disk using disk utility, my Retrospect backups no longer work. I receive the error: "Week 2 Backup" failed during automatic execution, error -1124 ( invalid NTFS data) Retrospect mac v8.2.0 MacOS 10.6.8 Backing up to external USB disk Catalog stored on local Mac HD Any ideas?