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  1. I'm doing "copy backups" to the cloud (Wasabi) since the end of last year. I noticed on the invoices I got from Wasabi that there was no inbound traffic for months already, since around March. I have three scripts doing these copy backups, running daily and I found all of them terminated every time with the error "no snapshot found". As far as I can see, source, destination, schedule, selection, and options were correct. I couldn't make these scripts copy anything even when hitting "run". Finally, I just deleted the scripts and recreated them with the exact same parameters and now it works. I don't know what went wrong and I was very slow to notice, but I'm posting this as a warning. Check your cloud "copy backups" to see if they're really running. On a side note, it would be nice if the dashboard had some way of telling me when this happens. I couldn't see any indication of it. I don't think copy backup status is displayed there. This isn't a question, it's meant as a heads-up and warning. Martin Edit: through Wasabi I discovered the backup scripts stopped working exactly on new year. The last backups were on Dec 31 on all three scripts.
  2. David, Since I'm on a maintenance contract, I used the latest version. Problem is, I don't remember when 15 came out, but I upgraded two or three weeks after it was released. Wasn't that around March something? So, v14 must have been running when backups stopped working. Right now I'm on 15.1.2. If there is a bug related to the year rolling over, I guess we'll have to wait another five months to see if it happens again. You mention 7 March 2018, any particular reason? Or do you refer to my initial "since around March"? As I added in my edit, the backups stopped working between December 31 and January 1, not March. Martin
  3. David, Nice detective work. Yes, what you found seems very likely to be the explanation. As long as that API problem persists, Retrospect can't do all that much about it. (Except if it's only a problem of identifying file deletions I would expect it not to be that disastrous. If the agent tries to back up a deleted file that is still in the scan index, it could just skip it. At least that's what I would assume. The inserts and updates seem to work right, so... but there could be more to it than that, of course.) Let's hope Apple gets its act together, though, and get this fixed.
  4. David, Retrospect Engineering didn't reply directly to me; it was forwarded by the support engineer. I thought that was obvious from the quote where they mention me in third person. I just picked up the whole support thread from Retrospect Support and copy/paste it below. It's completely unedited, I left all references in. Start reading from the bottom. BTW, I have the problem on several machines, but I concentrated on one for the support case.
  5. David, I copied verbatim what Retrospect support sent me. How can I prove that to you? And yes, I created this login specifically to post about this, since the reply from Retrospect upset me. I didn't expect, however, to be accused of lying in the process. About "recent visitors block is disabled" I know nothing. I haven't touched my profile from the default. I'm sorry if I broke some kind of rule by not doing that. BTW, since you doubt my veracity, I'd suggest you ask Retrospect support if this is true. Either they confirm what I just said, making me somewhat happy, or they backtrack and say they are going to support Instant Scan in the future or that I misunderstood, and I'm even happier. To me their reply seems not quite thought through and not good for the product, so you asking could make them think again. Oh, and the case is nb 00061949 that contains this exchange, including the message I quoted. You're welcome to reference that. Martin
  6. I just created a new thread about this. Retrospect told me Instant Scan isn't supported on APFS and seemingly won't be in the future either. (I just noticed this thread after I did the other post.)