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  1. prophoto

    Backup set located on site to site VPN

    @DavidHertzberg Great! Where is my participation trophy?!? I wouldn't think it could matter. I've been using Retrospect since v4. I'm on a Win10x64 machine running 16.6. Remote NAS is a Mac with SMB share. I watched the video and had performed those steps without issue. I checked the last step again to set automatic login. When attempting an execution of the backup script it still asks me to add a disk to add as storage. The only difference is the catalog file is stored on a local NAS vs DAS. Automatic login is/was set for the local NAS. I then recreated the backup set with the catalog file DAS and the disk backup set via the site to site VPN on the remote NAS. This works fine, and it tells me there is a bug in Retrospect that needs to be addressed. Why would I not be allowed to have a catalog file on a NAS? The GUI allows me to set it wherever I want, yet the backup fails consistently.
  2. Can someone give me an idea whats going on here? All local machines have no trouble logging into the share and reading/writing files. I am able to create a new backup set on a remote machine connected via a site to site VPN. When I run the backup script it asks for media. I've tried dozens of times but I just can't get it to work. Thanks.
  3. prophoto

    Duplicate always erases all files first

    So far so good thanks!
  4. I have about 6TB of files that I need duplicated on a weekly basis to a remote location. I have a VPN setup and accessing the network drive is not a problem, it works great. The problem is that every time it starts I get a message saying "Finished deleting 150,000 unnecessary files and 200 unnecessary folders on destination" and the duplicate starts over. I am running Pro on Windows 10x64 and the destination computer is macOS Sierra with an external raid formatted to Mac OS Extended Journaled.