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    Immutable tape labels?

    Whenever I use a tape for a backup (DDS2), Retrospect puts its own label on it ("[volumeNumber] - [backupsetName]"). Is there any way to get Retrospect to NOT relabel the tapes? I want to give each tape a unique label that will remain constant for the life of the tape, and have Retrospect use that label name only. Jim Garrison jhg@acm.org
  2. jhg

    60pro.exe ??

    I recently had to reinstall Win2K, and during the reinstall of Retrospect 6.0 I found a file 60pro.exe in my Dantz downloads folder. This file contains a file called patch.rpx, and looking around in my backup copy of the old C drive I find that it was installed in the Retrospect directory. However, I cannot find any mention of this patch on the Dantz website. What does it patch? Do I need it? The file dates are: retro_60_pro_ug.exe 7/23/2002 pro60.exe 8/7/2002 If I had to guess, I'd say the version of the upgrade I have needs the patch but the current one on the website incorporates it. Correct?
  3. jhg

    60pro.exe ??

    The version I installed is the "6.0 Upgrade" that I purchased and downloaded from the website. However, I was installing on a cleanly formatted C: partition and it never asked to see the 5.6 media and installed OK even though 5.6 wasn't installed at that point. Does this version need the patch?
  4. I had to reinstall Windows2K. I made a copy of my entire C drive before reformatting and installing. I'd like to retrieve the selector definitions I had in the previous installation of Retrospect 6.0 and install them into the current instance. Is there any way to do this? Thanks jhg@acm.org
  5. jhg

    Win2K SP3 and TEAC CD-W512EB

    Switching the drive from slave to master seems to have solved the problem (I can now use it for an archive session) but it's still behaving in a manner that gives concern. My initial tests resulted in speeds of 20Mb/min, so I decided to try the configuration process. This sped things up to between 40 and 60 Mb/min. However, both during the test and during an archive execution, my system seems to hang for about 60 seconds after each new CD-R is put in the drive. Task Manager does not show high cpu usage, but the system freezes entirely and stops responding to mouse clicks (the mouse cursor still moves). Then it unfreezes and everything goes back to normal until I insert the next CD-R. Is this normal behavior? Additional information: CPU P4 1.6GHz 512MB memory IDE Channel 1 Master=Seagate ST330630A (30GB) Slave=WD300BB (30GB) IDE Channel 2 Master=TEAC CD-W512EB (r/w) Slave=Toshiba XM6502B (r/o) SCSI (AIC7850) - Sony SDT7000 4mm DDS2
  6. I cannot get Retrospect 6 to backup to my TEAC CD-W512EB. Symptoms: 1) Backup hangs and seems to hang the whole system. Operations like launching a new Explorer window take 10-20 times as long as usual. I can't terminate Retrospect, and the CD drive's "write" light continues to flash. 2) I attempted to run the configure function. I got past the first dialog, and then it asked if I wanted to completely erase the CD-RW. After replying YES, it completely hung the system, with the drive's "write" light flashing continuously. System is a P4 1.6 GHz with 512MB and about 12GB free disk space. OS is Windows 2000 Pro with SP3 installed. The drive firmware was recently upgraded to version 2.0H, downloaded from the TEAC website. Suggestions?
  7. Retrorun seems to be doing continuous I/O while sitting in the background. Here are some stats from Task Manager (Win2K) after retrorun has been up for 3 days. Total CPU: 00:12:37 Mem Usage:3348K Page Faults:872 I/O Reads:4,142,295 I/O Writes:2 I/O Other:7,249,459 The I/O Reads number is increasing by 16 per second, and I/O Other is going up by 28 every second. Do the arithmetic, and both numbers indicate an uptime of 2.99 days, which is exactly the time since the last system boot. This doesn't appear to be a problem, but I'm curious about what retrorun is doing that requires so many I/Os, making retrorun have by far the largest I/O numbers. Even Norton AntiVirus, with continuous system scanning enabled, only racked up only 323K IO reads and 2M "IO Other". What's retrorun doing while it's supposedly idle? Inquiring minds want to know :-)
  8. I just upgraded to a new motherboard/processor and reinstalled Win2K and all apps, including Retrospect. When attempting to install Retrospect (as Administrator) I get Error 1920: Service RetroLauncher failed to start and can't get past this point. I'm logged in as Administrator so I should have all necessary authorizations. Is it possible I need an additional security policy setting that isn't set by default?