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  1. More weirdness: If I launch Retrospect manually and then close it, I get the standard "Check Media" dialog. If I select "Check Media" the result is "Media Unavailable" (with NO activity on the DVD drive -- i.e. no lights -- during the supposed check). If I then open the "Devices" page in Retrospect it shows the correct media available, and if I run the backup job MANUALLY it has no problem finding the media and using it. HOWEVER, if I let the automatic scheduler start the backup it claims the media in the drive is unrecognized, and the Devices page also shows "unrecognized". As I mentioned before, just ejecting and reinserting the DVD causes it to be recognized. Something's very broken here..... I may just go back to 6.5 until Dantz tech support figure out what's going on. A thought: I have security configured to logon as a user with full admin rights, but not the "Local System" user. Would this cause a problem, and if so, why would a user in the Local Administrators group have a problem reading/writing the DVD drive? In any event, that wouldn't explain why just ejecting/reinserting the DVD would make it work (it's still logged on as the admin user at that point).
  2. jhg

    Port Enablement: Can't See Client

    Where that is done depends on how your network is structured and what devices are between the two computers. For two systems in the same network segment, you would have to ensure that any firewall software on both systems was configured to allow the traffic. If you're running XP SP2 you'll have to ensure that the builtin firewall is setup correctly. Maybe you could post some more information about your configuration?
  3. I have it set to a userID that is in the local administrator group on the machine running Retrospect, and the parameters for the backup set specify a login ID on the remote machine that has local admin on the remote machine. The 1017 error refers to the file backup set on the remote machine. Remember that I am able to CREATE the backup set and write the first backup to it. The error doesn't start happening until I attempt to ADD to the backup set. Here is some more info: 1) I have upgraded to R7 and still have the same problem. 2) I have tried using both a UNC path and a drive share path, with the same results. 3) I have confirmed that the remote userID I'm using is allowed to read and write to the target path, both using a drive share and "My Network Places" from with Windows Explorer and a command line window... i.e. I can create, append to and delete files using normal Windows functions. I suspect the 1017 error is bogus and some other error is actually occurring. Is there any sort of debug/trace log that I can turn on to get more detailed error information?
  4. This is a new 8x DVD+/-RW drive from BTC that's on sale at Fry's for $50 (regular price $100). Before I go buy it, I'd like to get some feeling for whether or not Retrospect will be able to auto-configure for it. Is there any way to know in advance if this drive will be compatible with Retrospect?
  5. jhg

    Can't successfully back up to DVD+RW media

    Based on a Google search of the string NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A, your drive appears to support 8x writing. 1) Are you using 8X compatible media? 2) Have you tried reducing the write speed (Devices/Properties/Set Write Speed)? I had this problem on an older system that wasn't capable of keeping up with an 8x drive. Reducing the write speed solved the problem.
  6. jhg

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    Check the binding order of the adapters on your systems, per the following Microsoft KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;266771 Make sure the adapter that connects you to the clients is first in the list. See my postings in the General Discussion/Networking and Clients section.
  7. Well, if I'd just waited another 5 minutes for my brain to digest the info before posting I wouldn't have had to post. Then again, the solution may be of interest to somebody else. The simple answer is to change the binding order in Win2K, according to KB article 266771 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;266771 The SonicWall virtual adapter was first, and when I made the Ethernet adapter first Retrospect found the client with no difficulty :-)
  8. I have Retrospect Professional 6.5.350 running on Win2K and a client, also running Win2K and client version 6.5.136. About 3 weeks ago the client "disappeared" and can no longer be found by Retrospect Pro. The error is always -530 (backup client not found). If I open the Clients dialog the client is still listed. When I open Properties, the previously cached properties are still present (client name, type, version, all correct). If I then click the "Access" tab, "Change..." button, "Test..." and enter the client's IP address I get an immediate response from the client. However, the Access dialog stays at "searching for clients..." and never finds the client. I recall having this problem with an Win98 client quite a while back, so I searched the forum and located the old solution, which was to bind the client to the IP address with "retroclient -ip nn.nn.nn.nn". I tried this but it had no effect. I have Ethereal on the backup machine and I can trace the packets interchanged when Retrospect searches for the client. When using the "Test..." functionality Retrospect opens a TCP session to the client's port 497. When doing a search instead, I see the following interchanges, all over UDP. The client's IP is Source IP Port --> Destination IP Port 4363 497 4363 497 497 4364 ... repeated 9 more times ... The obvious problem here is that Retrospect has bound itself to the first network adapter it found, which happens to be the SonicWall VPN virtual adapter with IP address, not the real Ethernet adapter ( when doing client discovery. It doesn't seem to do that when the client's IP is entered in the Test... dialog. When the client had this problem it could be forced to bind to a specific IP. How do I make Retrospect itself bind to a specific adapter for communication with clients?
  9. Problem solved - I reduced the write-speed in Retrospect to "Slow" (still about 90MB/min) and reran the same archive job, and the problem went away. The verify ran with no errors, at an average speed of 460 MB/min. Cool!
  10. + Executing Verify at 6/24/2004 10:48 AM To Backup Set ExEmpArchive... Trouble reading: "2-ExEmpArchive" (16080), error -102 (trouble communicating) Trouble reading: "2-ExEmpArchive" (16133), error -102 (trouble communicating) Trouble reading: "2-ExEmpArchive" (0), error -205 (lost access to storage medium) 1,320 files were not verified 6/24/2004 12:36:35 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 100954 files, 14.1 GB Completed: 50400 files, 8.3 GB Performance: 434.8 MB/minute Duration: 01:47:54 (01:28:34 idle/loading/preparing) The drive shows up in Retrospect as: Vendor: HL-DT-ST Product: DVDRAM GSA-4082B Revision: A201 Location: USB CD:3 The knowledgebase article refers only to SCSI in relation to this error. Any idea what would cause this on a USB DVD drive?
  11. jhg

    Erase DVD+RW media takes way too long

    Add a vote for being able to select short erase for DVD+RW. This takes WAY too long.
  12. jhg

    Win98 Client Problems

    Upgraded to 6.5, installed new client on Win98 machine that had 6.0 client. Install asked if I wanted to upgrade existing client, to which I responded yes. Now Retrospect cannot locate the client. When I click on ADD button in the clients main dialog it pops up the Searching for Backup Clients window and nothing happens. If I use the Test button on that dialog and enter the IP address of the client, it says "Found a Backup" and shows the client name, IP and software version (which is correct). However, after clicking OK that client is NOT added to the list. There doesn't appear to be a way to add the client even though the direct IP address method found it successfully.
  13. I have defined a script that backs up some files from a network share. When run 'manually', the script works fine. When run automatically, it fails with Can't access volume home on Pandora, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) The Security preference is set to "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user". The machine has only one user, and is always logged in. Can someone explain what's going on and how to fix it?
  14. jhg

    Retrospect 6.5 and clients

    See the "can't see client" thread on the Networking/Clients forum. [is there a way to add a link to another thread?] The solution has to do with the client not responding to multicast, and explicitly binding the client to the network adapter with 'retroclient -ip nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn'
  15. jhg

    can't see client

    Quote: Binding the client to a specific IP address need only be done once. That's good to know. I only have one client, but if I was a backup admin at a large company with hundreds of clients, I'd be pretty upset at having to visit each client after the upgrade. I still think this is a high-severity bug that needs to be addressed ASAP. Please note that I just recommended Retrospect to one of my own consulting clients with about 50 systems on their network. They will be evaluating Retrospect and I'll have to tell them to hold off purchasing until this bug is acknowledged and given priority.
  16. jhg

    can't see client

    BTW, in my case the client does not have a modem and does not have a PPP connection even defined. I'm not so sure PPP is the problem, at least here. You are correct, however, that the client isn't responding to multicast. I have Ethereal on the backup server and can see the outgoing multicast packets but there are no responses. This used to work fine before I upgraded to 6.5.
  17. jhg

    Win98 Client Problems

    This question has been answered in the Networking/Clients forum.
  18. jhg

    can't see client

    That worked. Will I have to do that each time the client is rebooted? If so, that's unacceptable as a long-term solution.
  19. jhg

    can't see client

    I am having exactly the same problem. I upgraded a Win98 client from 6.0 to 6.5 and the backup server (Win2K SP4) can no longer see the client. The Client Add dialog "Test" button can find the client when given the client's IP address, but the client never appears in the list. The technote you referred to is for Macintosh, and this problem is occurring on WIn98 clients.
  20. Retrospect reports instantaneous performance (MB/s) during backup. That's fine as far as it goes, but then Retrospect uses that number to estimate time remaining, which is absolutely meaningless. I suggest Retrospect report both instantaneous and TOTAL performance for the current job. Total performance is (total written so far)/(elapsed time). Then use THIS performance figure to estimate the time remaining. Jim Garrison
  21. For those of us who want to manage our own tape labels, it would be useful if Retrospect would have an option to NOT overwrite the existing label with the default volumeSequence-backupSetName label. I appreciate that the way you do things now has some merit for people who don't do much backing up, but for a larger shops with their own media management procedures it would be nice if tapes didn't get relabeled each time they're used. With this option you would be able to make up your own label name at tape initialization time, and Retrospect would ensure that the recorded label remained the same in the future. One important reason is that relabeling means someone has to write the new label on the outside of the tape. Since it changes each time the tape is used, this leads to doing it in pencil, which leads to pencil eraser crumbs, which can *REALLY* gum up tape heads.
  22. Adding that functionality would get my support :-) I have a small home network with two Windoze boxes and two Linux servers. The Win boxes are running 2000 workstation and 98SE, and I can't justify the cost of Single Server (Will it even *run* on Win2K WS?) I've gotten around the problem using Samba for one Linux box, but this is non-optimal. The other Linux machine is my firewall and I don't want to run Samba on it for security reasons. If you were to add Linux client support to Retrospect Pro I'd buy an additional client license immediately Jim Garrision jhg@acm.org
  23. That's what the marketing literature says for Retrospect Pro, but when I tried to add a second client (Linux) it wouldn't let me, asking for another license code. What do I need to do? Jim Garrison jhg@acm.org
  24. jhg

    Immutable tape labels?

    You might want to consider adding this as an option in a future version, for those of us who would like to do their own tape volume management and want consistent, unchanging tape labels. :-)