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  1. I let it run 24 hours and finally killed it. It had made no progress. I'm doing a backup with snapshots turned off and will post my results. Some sort of response or acknowledgement from EMC/Dantz personnel would be appreciated.
  2. - 11/20/2006 12:29:45 PM: Copying DATA (D:) Scanning incomplete, error -1103 (write protected) Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP. Other threads all say resolution is as simple as running chkdsk. I've run chkdsk 3 times (boot-time chkdsk with all correction options on) and it didn't find errors. Any other suggestions? It would be nice if Retrospect would tell us WHAT is write-protected.
  3. I started a completely new full backup and it's hung at the "Building Snapshot" phase -- for 12 hours and counting.
  4. Additional note The second backup attempt (an incremental) is now also hung in "Building Snapshot". According to Process Explorer it is consuming almost NO CPU time and doing no Read or Write I/O, just a few hundred bytes of I/O "Other" per second. What's going on here?
  5. The DVR-111 is listed as qualified, so I figured the DVR-111C would be similar. Retrospect does not recognize it and will not configure it at all ("Device cannot be configured with DVD+R media"). Is it really unusable with Retrospect? Any suggestions?
  6. You can't change the write speed until AFTER the drive is configured and it appears in the "Storage Devices" window. I can't get it to configure, so there's no way to change the speed.
  7. jhg

    Post deleted?

    Yesterday there was a post from abradaxis lamenting the quality of support on the forums. I contributed a general agreement, praising Retrospect's architecture and design, and bemoaning the apparent death-spiral in which Retrospect finds itself since being bought by EMC. That entire thread is now gone, which I assume is censorship. I expect that this post will be deleted also. Is this any way to treat people who LIKE and WANT TO USE your product? A version of this message is also being posted to alt.backup-software
  8. jhg

    Why is verify so slow?

    A little more info. Verify runs fast ONLY if I don't have to swap disks. A backup operation will run at 500MB/min, but if the backup crosses a disk boundary, such that the verify requires that I eject the second disk to reinsert the first, then verify will run very slowly (down to 30MB/min with small files). If no eject or disk swap occurs, the verify runs at high speed.
  9. jhg

    Why is verify so slow?

    With Retrospect 7.0, when I backup files to DVD using a Pioneer DVR-110D (IDE, internal, UDMA-4) I get between 460 and 520 MB/min performance on both the write and post-verify steps. When I do a Verify Media on the same disks it never goes faster than 80 MB/min. Can anybody tell me why, and if I can do anything to increase the Verify performance?
  10. Quote: Did you already to try to custom-configure as outlined here: Retrospect for Windows: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=1077&p=2 Retrospect for Mac: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=1023&p=2 Yes. Retrospect tries to configure and gives up, saying the drive can't be used with DVD+R media. I've made several coasters trying to get it to configure.
  11. Anybody using either of these drives successfully with Retrospect? I bought a DVR-111C, but it appears to be significantly different from the 'D' versions and is not usable with Retrospect at all (fails to configure). I'd like to hear from anybody who is successfully using a DVR-112D or DVR-212D.
  12. jhg

    SATA DVD Drives?

    Manufacturers are now releasing SATA versions of DVD+/-RW drives. Can Retrospect 7.0 handle SATA drives?
  13. [Originally posted on HW Compatibility section, but no replies received] The DVR-111 is listed as qualified, so I figured the DVR-111C would be similar. Retrospect does not recognize it and will not configure it at all ("Device cannot be configured with DVD+R media"). Is it really unusable with Retrospect? Any suggestions?
  14. jhg

    Where is config stored?

    I had some disk problems which I was able to resolve with boot-time chkdsk. However, when I started up Retrospect 7.0.344 after recovery it acted as if it had just been installed. All configuration (scripts, clients, backup sets, volumes, selectors and licenses) was gone. I had an exported copy my selectors, which I was able to reimport, but everything else had to be recreated by hand. Where is this stuff stored? How did it get trashed? I restored the Retrospect directory from the most recent backup to a new temp workarea and then did a directory compare, and other than some log files and .ini files that seem to be GUI parameters, there were no differences between the on-disk directory and the restored copy. I put the .ini's and .log files from the restore into the live directory, but this had no effect on anything.
  15. On incremental backups the backup and verify steps take a total of 6 minutes, while the snapshot creation takes 43 minutes. Is this normal? Is there any way to speed this up? Can snapshot creation be deferred until it's actually needed, such as when doing a restore? If I don't need point-in-time whole-disk restore functionality, is it safe to disable snapshot creation? What other benefits do I give up without snapshots?
  16. AFAICT the only major feature improvement in 7.5 over 7.0 is that, when backing up to DVD, it will verify each DVD immediately after writing instead of making you swap DVDs back and forth when a backup session crosses a disk boundary. Are there other reasons to upgrade, or am I better off waiting for the next version?
  17. Thanks for the comments. I've been a Retrospect user for years, and I'm quite aware of the difference between sessions and snapshots. I was attempting to retrieve one specific file from a backupset that does not have snapshots. I've turned off snapshots primarily because Retrospect takes too long to create them. A typical overnight run takes about 3 minutes to backup 5 volumes to DVD, and nearly 3 hours to create the snapshots.
  18. To recreate: Click Configure/Backup Sets Open a backup set that contains several sessions Select the "Sessions" tab and open any session You are presented with session browser that displays the contents of the session (the files that were backed up) in a hierarchical folder view. Pick a folder and right-click on it. In the context menu is a "Retrieve" option, which may or may not be grayed out. Whether or not the option is grayed out seems to depend on whether the folder view is expanded to show subfolders. This behavior is 100% repeatable. 1) If the folder is collapsed, then the Retrieve option is active. Example 1 2) If the folder is expanded then Retrieve is available ONLY if all the objects in the folder are also selected. Example 2 3) Otherwise, Retrieve is disabled Example 3 This is strange, but I can live with it. What's mystifying is that in some cases, selecting a folder or file and clicking "Retrieve" brings up the restore dialog WITH NOTHING SELECTED. This one I haven't been able to figure out. Here are some examples: * Selected the Mozilla folder, right-clicked Retrieve. The restore dialog is displayed Example 4 with the files selected and "Ready to Execute". * Selected the "Quicken Data" folder, right-clicked Retrieve. The restore dialog is displayed Example 5 with NO selection, and "Not Ready to Execute" In case you think the space in the filename is somehow the culprit, the PalmOne and WinFax folders also come up empty. In fact, it looks like only the first subdirectory in a hierarchy, at each level, is retrievable. In Example 6 you see the next level under Mozilla opened. If I attempt to Retrieve the Firefox directory the restore dialog comes up correctly, but attempting to Retrieve Thunderbird comes up with nothing selected. So, basically, Retrospect has let me down completely when it comes to restoring a file from a backup set. Switching to "Sorted View" doesn't help. Some files are retrievable and some are not. If there's one thing a backup program SHOULDN'T fail at it's being able to retrieve a file from a backup. Can someone try this in 7.5 to see if it's still a problem?
  19. Retrospect 7.0 with all current driver updates Write performance: 600MB/minute Verify of the just-written media: 80MB/minute Retrospect is not logging any errors or trouble reading the media My config: 2.8GHz P4 HT 2.0GB memory Pioneer DVR-110D, master on its own IDE channel Adaptec 1420SA RAID (SATA-II) with WD SATA-II drives set up as RAID-1 Media: TDK DVD+R 16x Needless to say, I'm very happy with the write performance, but read performance less than 1/7th of the write speed is disturbing. Also, I notice when writing, the performance fluctuates up and down quite a bit depending on the size of file being backed up. During verify, the performance stays within 0.2MB/min of 80, almost as if something is throttling it deliberately. Any suggestions?
  20. I've now seen this exact same problem across three different DVD drives from 3 different manufacturers, using at least 3 different media brands. I recently switched from using DVD+RW to DVD+R for my backups due to the dropping prices on +R media. I found that +RW media wasn't all that reliable after being recycled, so I ended up trashing +RW backup sets and replacing them anyway. The slow read seems to have started when I switched to +R media.
  21. Quote: I generally get higher performance when comparing than when writing. Sometimes it's the same. I always use Retro's compression option. Right, that's what I would expect. What I'm seeing is compare performance 7.5x SLOWER than write.
  22. I haven't generally found that to be the case. On my Sony drive I consistently got between 200 and 300 MB/min write speed and 200 to 250 MB/min read speed. Besides a 7.5:1 ratio is NOT normal.
  23. This has been an ongoing problem with Retrospect since I upgraded to 6.5. For a long time it was attributed by tech support to my Sony DRU510A. Then it was suggested that I was using less-than-perfectly-compatible media, so I switched to the Sony-recommended disks. About 4 weeks ago I decided to upgrade to a faster, newer drive and bought a Pioneer DVR-110D, on recommendations from Nate and some others. It worked flawlessly for 3 weeks, and has now started up the dreaded Media Unrecognized problem again. I'm not the only person reporting this, and now I have it occurring on two completely different drives from different manufacturers. I think this rules out hardware problems and puts the ball squarely in Retrospect's court. Can EMC/Dantz do anything about this? Is anyone there willing to work with me to debug the problem?
  24. jhg

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    I guess I need to be clearer about my question. With R7 in order to have Retrospect running to respond to client requests at all, you had to start Retrospect in a terminal session and then disconnect. There was no way to get Retrospect to run fully in the background, or start up automatically without needing manual intervention each time the server was rebooted. The requirement is for Retrospect to start up by itself, on server reboot, without manual intervention. Is this possible, and if so, how?
  25. jhg

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    One thing that prevented us from adopting Retrospect for corporate backup was the fact that R7 required a logged-in user session and was not able to run as a service. I don't see this as an enhancement in 7.5, so I'll ask: Can R7.5 run as a service without requiring a logged-in session?