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    Verify sequence problem

    I use an eSata drive dock to backup to disk using Retrospect. My usual method is to do a full backup on one HD and then store that in the safe. Subsequent incrementals accumulate on another HD for a week and then another full backup is run, cycling through HDs. I recently had one of the backup disks get corrupted (filesystem only, the disk shows no SMART problems). I was able to recover all the Retrospect backup files to another disk. I decided to run a Media Verify and here's what happened: 1) It verified the full backup which was not no the failed disk. 2) Then it asked for the second disk, at which point I inserted the new disk containing the copy of the failed disk. 3) It verified a couple of files and then asked for the first disk again. 4) It spent 15 minutes apparently re-verifying files it had already looked at, then asked for the second disk again. 5) Repeat steps 3-4 for every individual RDB file on the second disk, swapping disks each time. It sounds like it's verifying each snapshot, and thus re-verifying files that didn't change from one snapshot to the next. Why can't it just verify all of disk 1, then all of disk 2?
  2. I tried to use the upgrade wizard but when I entered my 7.6 license code it rejects it with the message "This license code has already been upgraded. Please contact EMC Insignia Customer Service." This release is a major screwup IMHO. First it's not clear from any of the stuff on the website that it's a pay upgrade, leading people to install it and wiping out their working 7.6 install. Then the price is $29 on the first page but changes to $49 as you move through the upgrade process (based on other posts here). Can I reinstall 7.6 and keep all my settings and selectors, or am I hosed?
  3. 7.6.123 w/ Is a Retrospect "volume" a real object with its own name or must it always have the name of the underlying disk folder? I want to set up separate archiving jobs for several different 2nd-level folders: z:\photo\clients z:\photo\personal etc When I create volumes for them the volumes get named "clients", "personal" etc, and I'd really like the volumes to be named "photoClients" and "photoPersonal". When I try to rename the volume I get "Trouble Rename, Error -1017 (Insufficient Permission)" Is this not possible?
  4. jhg

    Moving disk backup set

    Is it possible to move the backup folders Retrospect creates for an HD backup set to a different physical disk? Is the folder location tied to the volume label or volume serial?
  5. jhg

    Moving disk backup set

    Hmm... that section of the manual deals with moving the catalog files, which I know how to do. I'm asking about the backup data files themselves. For example, I have an HD backup set on a physical disk currently labeled BACKUP02. On that disk there is a root-level folder named "Retrospect", with subfolder "HD Set 004\1-HD Set 004" that contains the backup data files. I'd like to move this backup set to a different physical disk (keeping the directory structure intact). Will Retrospect be able to recognize this if it's on a different physical disk?
  6. jhg

    2.5" HD Storage Cases?

    I should clarify that I mean a simple plastic storage case, not an enclosure with USB connections, etc. This would be just to protect the drives while they're not in the cradle.
  7. jhg

    2.5" HD Storage Cases?

    I've moved from DVD backup sets to 2.5" SATA disks hot-plugged into a Thermaltake "BlacX" eSATA external cradle. I can't seem to find plastic storage cases that fit bare 2.5" drives. Has anybody seen anything like this?
  8. jhg

    RDU Rocks!

    My Pioneer DVR-112D finally works with Retrospect, and backup and verify speeds have drastically improved, at least for me. This is a screenshot of an incredible 1010.9 MB/minute peak verify speed, which I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it myself. The entire verify job averaged 553 MB/min, which I have NEVER seen before. Here's my history for the past several days. Notice the backup speeds about doubled after installation of the RDU. Thank you, EMC!
  9. jhg

    RDU Rocks!

    The errors are all due to a client running Win2000, where open file backup isn't supported. Also that client isn't always powered on when the backup runs. The errors are either sharing errors or "client not found", and not media problems.
  10. EMC is very far behind on certifying DVD+/-RW drives, and most certified drives are no longer manufactured or available for purchase. It would be nice if we had some information on writing techniques used by Retrospect, to allow some prediction of which newer drives *might* be compatible (as in "configurable" using Retrospect's facilities). There are sites that do detailed technical reviews on drives (cdrlabs.com, cdrinfo.com, and others), and knowing which features Retrospect depends on (Packet writing, for example) might help us choose a compatible drive. Is this even a viable approach? Would anybody from EMC care to comment?
  11. Unfortunately, the list of currently-available DVD drives that are guaranteed to work with such an old version of Retrospect is almost empty. The reason is that drives that were certified for that version haven't been in production for quite a while. It's highly unlikely you'll find an unused one, and you take your chances on a used one. Even for 7.5 it's getting hard to find an available, certified drive. The operative word here is "available". Check this link http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=7946&r=0.7291986 for the latest drives supported under 7.5. When you try to find one for sale you'll see that most are discontinued. There's no guarantees that a more recent follow-on model to one that was previously certified will actually be usable with Retrospect.
  12. I just upgraded from 7.0 to 7.5.387 (with driver update) to get support for my Pioneer DVR112D On the first backup, Building Snapshot on the C: drive ran for 2 hours. There was almost no disk activity, one quick flash of the disk activity light every 5 seconds or so. I tried the "Stop" button but it didn't stop (I waited 10 more minutes) at which point I killed it in Task Manager. On attempting to rerun the backup after disabling all the "backup file/folder security" options, I get the following in the log: Can't use Open File Backup option for BOOT (C:), error -3043 (the maximum number of Snapshots has been reached) Questions: 1) What does this error message mean? 2) If it takes over 2 hours to build a snapshot on a typical boot WinXP boot drive, then snapshots have become unusable. What are the implications of disabling snapshots? Do I lose any real functionality, or just convenience on restore?
  13. Topic numbers don't seem to go that high in the Retrospect KB. Can you post the complete URL?
  14. Re: Drive Model Obsolescence The LH-20A1S, while still available via online retail, is no longer listed as a current model on LiteOn's website.
  15. Can anybody suggest a SATA DVD+/-RW drive that you know to be usable with Retrospect? The Hardware compatibility list for Retrospect is really out of date and few (if any) of the listed DVD drives are still available.
  16. Have you had any problems with the drive? Have you done any restores or Media Verification operations? With what results? Online reviews of this drive are mixed, with cdfreaks.com raving about it and cdrinfo.com calling it average to slightly disappointing (although they did admit their sample had pre-release firmware).
  17. Thanks, I have that link. Very few DVD drives have been added in quite a while; most of the activity has been in Tape and cartridge disks. I've tried shopping online for the 4 or 5 most recently certified DVD drives listed, and the only one generally available is the Pioneer DVR-112D. It seems that DVD drive models become obsolete and no longer sold after less than 12 months. Since I currently have a relatively new (4 months old) defective DVR-112D I'm a little leery about buying another one. Also I'd like to move to SATA if possible.
  18. My Pioneer DVR-112D seems to be defective. It writes without errors, but a later Media Verify gets numerous errors such as: Trouble reading: "3-Backup001" (17756), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) Trouble reading: "3-Backup001" (17756), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) Trouble positioning: "3-Backup001" (17756), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) Additional error information for device "Pioneer DVD DL" [0:0], Sense > f0 00 03 00 21 57 50 0e 00 00 00 00 11 05 00 00 00 00 (PIONEER |DVD-RW DVR-112D|1.24) When re-verifying the same media on an older DVR-110D I get no errors, so I'm guessing the 112 is flaky. Checking the Retrospect update history I see the DVR-112D is the most recent optical drive tested. It is already "old", having been first announced in early 2007. I did a quick search for all the optical drive models listed in the update history for 7.5, and most listed models are no longer available. Even the DVR-112D is a little hard to find, being listed at many retailers but marked "out of stock" or "discontinued". Some questions: 1) Are my problems representative of this drive type or just my particular drive? I'd rather not buy another one only to have the same problems? 2) When will Windows Retrospect add support for more recent, readily available drives, preferably SATA-based? 3) Has anybody had any positive results configuring more recent versions of drives, especially SATA drives?
  19. The "Information about this release" link shows only the prior update. Is there a page showing what's been fixed in 7.5.508?
  20. I've noticed that after upgrading from 7.0 to 7.5, if I reboot with a partially-filled Retrospect backup DVD in one of my two drives, the boot process spins up the drive and gets hung trying to read from it. If I manually eject the DVD the boot process continues normally. I've even tried disabling boot-from-DVD in the BIOS, but it still spins up the drive and hangs at the same place. Has something fundamental changed in how Retrospect formats DVD+R media that would cause this? My system is based on an Intel D975XBX2 motherboard with the latest BIOS updates (1/14/2008).
  21. I also checked the firmware levels on the drives and both are current. Drive E: Panasonic DVR-112D firmware 1.24 Drive F: Panasonic DVR-110D firmware 1.41
  22. The problem seems to have been corrected with the latest release (.508).
  23. You'll be happy to know that all my problems appear to be resolved by a combination of the .508 release and switching off MD5 generation in global preferences. I really do think a sticky forum post advising people to turn off MD5 generation would be advisable.
  24. So far: 1) Snapshots don't work at all. If I have snapshots turned on, it hangs at the "Building Snapshot" phase. 2) Long waits on program startup (2-3 minutes) and at random times if no backup is running. During these pauses, the DVD drive spins up as if Retrospect is looking for something, even though it is idle. The UI becomes unresponsive and Retrospect's window doesn't repaint. 3) Insists on backing up the entire C: drive every time on a "normal" backup. It respects the selectors but seems to think every selected file needs to be backed up. It doesn't seem to be using the catalog. Other volumes being backed up in the same job seem to have varying degrees of "overlap" (i.e. files that haven't changed being backed up multiple times). Can someone from EMC *please* respond to this ?
  25. I placed a tech support call today, and even though the wait was about 25 minutes on hold, the tech who answered was very courteous and helpful. First of all, the problem with re-backing up already saved files is a KNOWN BUG having to do with MD5 calculation. The solution is to use full verification instead of media verification. Why isn't this prominently publicized on the website? At the least a "sticky" post in this forum titled "Known Bugs and Workarounds" would really go a LONG way towards helping us loyal users (since early Mac Retrospect days) keep our frustration level bearable :-) As to 7.5.508, I just found out about it and am downloading it as I type. For the snapshot problem, I would delete my config and start again, except for the fact that I have a couple of dozen scripts and as many volume definitions that I will have to recreate manually -- no fun there. When will Retrospect be able to export its scripts and volumes in text format? So, how about it, Mayoff et al? Will you start and maintain a "Known Bugs and Workarounds" sticky thread?