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  1. Thanks, but it is a negative to all questions. * All files (and the links which inherit the target file timestamp) have Last Modified dates well in the past. * The folders themselves also have old Last Modified dates. * The links have not been touched (recreated) in 2 months.
  2. I have the following situation. I have an external drive on my Server that has a ton of media files on them. For organization sake, there are a few subdirs on the drive that have hard links to the actual media files. The total number of files linked to is exactly 1698, worth around 1.5TB. I have a dedicated backup set for this external drive, with it's own Selector and own backup script. The selector does exclude the subdirs that contain the links, since the files are already backed up from their normal location. The script has 'block level incremental backup' enabled. Compression is off since these are media files that don't compress well. Now the weird thing: every time I run my Retrospect backup via the script, it finds those exact 1698 files to backup. Backup takes many hours with a total 1.5TB to be backed up and verified. After the backup has completed, I find that the new backup consumed around 250GB on my NAS. The external disk has not been touched so none of those 1698 files have changed one bit, and neither were the links modified. Does anyone have an idea why Retrospect is behaving like this ? First, it should not even backup those files, since they are never touched. But even if it does a backup, the resulting snapshot should be minimal given that nothing has modified. EDIT: I realize I'm actually not quite sure what sort of links these are given these are all Windows systems with NTFS filesystems. I have a Perl script that creates the links with link($to,$from) running in Cygwin.
  3. With the recent Windows October Update disaster, where users have been reporting that their files or even programs disappeared on their machines, I was wondering if I could use Retrospect to just do a compare of a backup and a local folder, and get a report of the differences so that I can see what files are in the backup but not in the local folder. Of course, I could do a restore to a different location and then compare both folders but that seems a bit cumbersome with an unnecessary restore.
  4. hevanw

    Error -1101 after Windows October Update

    Yes, I know about that, but don't think it's the case in my problem. In fact, should first have searched on the site here. This problem has occurred for others in the past. E.g. here : So I did the ias.xml thing and rebooted the server, and this also for me seems to have fixed the problem.
  5. Another big Windows Update, another problem. I run Retrospect 12.6 on my Windows 10 Pro home server. It makes backups of 4 client PCs, and also a backup of its own filesystem. After applying the Windows October Patch to the Server, the Server's own backup now reports the following errors. Interestingly, the client backups still run just fine. Writer "NPS VSS Writer" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found). Component "NPS Database" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found). The Server backup is run as a Scheduled backup, while the client backups are proactive. Apart from the 2 errors however, the operations log seems to indicate that all files got backed up. Any an idea how to fix this, or can these errors be safely ignored (though I don't like seeing daily Errors in my History).
  6. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    While trying to recall if I had installed anything on her laptop, I realized that indeed I had installed Roblox right before leaving on vacation so our son could play it on my wife's laptop. And so I realized that after all, this is again the same OneDrive related problem. I had created his own account on the laptop, which then also automatically enabled OneDrive on his account. Unlinking OneDrive for his account solved the problem. Linking it back later however had the problem re-occur again, which it did not in the past. But so for now, I have just disabled it, since he does not need OneDrive on my wife's laptop.
  7. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    This error -1103 is driving me crazy. Everything worked fine for months. Then went on vacation with the family. 10 days later we return and my wife's laptop is aborting every C-drive backup with the notorious error. Again no clue why this is suddenly happening. She was already on Windows' April Update for several months so has nothing to do with that.
  8. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Excited to report that I got my Retrospect backups fixed now as well !! So, disabling the "Save space and download files as you use them" setting did not work for me. So in addition to that, I tried disabling OneDrive altogether (Unlink PC/account and then remove the entire OneDrive folder) and then linking my account again which then again downloaded all files. The next Retrospect scheduled (proactive actually) run then succeeded with 0 errors or warnings ! This worked now on 2 machines already, so will try kids laptop next, but pretty confident this will work as well. Thanks to the folks active in this thread !
  9. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Thanks! I can confirm that OneDrive is a real folder, not a reparse point (tried both your methods). However, your second method does not yield 'File Not Found' but a bunch of other folders under my homedir: Application Data, Cookies, Local Settings, etc.... which all show up as <JUNCTION>. Also, I'm the only user on this specific machine so I'm certain there are no other OneDrive folders. I'll give Lucky_Phil's approach a try though.
  10. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    I hate it when something solves the problem for everyone except myself :). I still have the problem, but can confirm it's also related to OneDrive here. If I exclude the OneDrive folder in my Selector, then the backup does complete fine. Weird thing is that I still did get a -1103 error and it's related to OneDrive still. I see a bunch of the following lines all pertaining to different OneDrive folders [*] stfiDoBackupOne: error -1103 (write protected) on C:\Users\henkv\OneDrive\Documents\Manuals And then get the error: Trouble reading files, error -1103 (write protected) 9/5/2018 11:23:43: Trouble copying folders, error -1103 (write protected) ddex=69,985 EDIT, driving me crazy. The last couple hours all backups again aborted during scanning without a single file being backed up. This is with the OneDrive folder excluded from the selection. The error does not even show much : Scanning incomplete, error -1103 (write protected) 9/5/2018 16:44:26: Compressing catalog file EDIT2: whether it's the scan that aborts or the actual backup appears to be pretty random.
  11. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Ugh, thought this fixed the issue for me as well, but I still see an error -1103...
  12. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Also updated the kids' laptop to April Update now and also there Retrospect Client is now broken. Interestingly though, the problem has changed apparently. While initially the error occurred during scan, as you can see from my OP, the problem now is happening during the actual backup. So a subset of files does get backed up, but then the backup aborts, with the following error. Trouble reading files, error -1103 (write protected) 5/5/2018 12:43:08: Execution incomplete Remaining: 224172 files, 36.0 GB Completed: 13900 files, 2.4 GB Performance: 388.2 MB/minute Duration: 00:10:57 (00:04:43 idle/loading/preparing) EDIT: browsed through my logs, and so apparently now it's my Surface Pro that does manage to do scans but aborts during backup. My old netbook and the kids' laptop still abort during scanning and don't backup a single file.
  13. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    When you say interactively, do you mean using 'immediate backup' ? Also, is that a local backup or a backup of a remote machine ? I just tried 'immediate backup' on my server to backup my client device, and I'm again getting the -1103 error.
  14. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    According to Support, the Error Event that I posted above, is not related to the issue and is something that can happen and can be ignored. This indeed seems to be correct since on my Netbook I am not seeing that Event, even though the backup fails in exactly the same way. I'll now try on my Netbook to install the full Retrospect version and see if I can make a backup locally.
  15. hevanw

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    That's what I did on my very old AMD E-450 netbook. Wiped all the partitions and did a fresh re-install, and the backup is not working with Open Files Backup enabled. The other machine I have the problem with, is the first machine on which I did the April Update and that's my Surface Pro 3 with an i7-4650u. I have two more machines at home from wife and the kids, but those are still on the previous Windows 10 build. I'll try the kids' laptop next to see what that gives. I have also submitted a Support Case and they have confirmed they have seen it with other customers already as well. So I assume they are investigating it and I have provided them log files. Just hope the fix does not require a new release and I'll be forced to pay for an upgrade to v15. PS: are we all talking about client-server backups ? Or do some folks have an issue also with a local backup ? For me, the local backup of the Server is working fine, even though I would suppose that Retrospect Desktop would require the same permissions as the Retrospect Client would need. So that would indicate the permissions problem is limited to Retrospect Client.