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  1. THis is a new one. I have not seen this one before and I don't find any reference to it on Dantz site. Can someone tell me what this means and how I fix it? Thanks!
  2. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    Actually, out of curiousity, for anyone having this problem are you backing up to disk or to tape? I am reading the threads and it appears several people, me included, are backing up to disk and maybe this is the common issue.
  3. AH, good point. Let me try some playing around with the file system and see if I can correct these issues by doing that. Thanks!
  4. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    Hey all, I have been working with Nate from Dantz (many thanks on this Nate) and we *think* it may have something to do with the RetroEventHandler that is called at the end when a script finishes. I am doing some testing to see if disabling this helps and switching my script over to VB. I would recommend anyone else having this issue to try turning off an scripts you have called by the RetroEventHandler and see if that helps as we narrow down this issue. Jeff
  5. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    ANY STATUS ON THIS? This is damn near killing my ability to do backups as i have jobs that hang at "Closing" and tie up my execution units and thus my backups don't run. I need a solution from someone at Retrospect on how to fix this!
  6. Hey Nate, Actually, one thing I came across was that one a couple of machines that experienced this problem running a CHKDSK fixed the problem. Now this has not been 100% effective in fixing it on all clients having the problem, however, this may be a step in the right direction. Any thoughts? I have tried copying the file and a regular file copy works. IN fact, since I can't get backups to work I have had to temporarily rely on robocopy to make sure I have backups of these servers. Robocopy is not running into problems, so I don't see why Retrospect would. Running out of ideas here. Anything else you can think of?
  7. All my backup servers ( of which I have several) experience the "Closing..." problem. Some servers more often than others, but they all experience it to some degree. So to answer your question, yes, the jobs that are getting network communication failed are on servers where I see the random "Closing..." problem. But like I said, all my Retrospect servers have the "Closing..." problem so that isn't a coincidence. As for determining the file issue, I can try copying the bad file to another partition and see what happens. My guess is it will work just fine. I don't think it is the file that is the problem, but something happening to the file during backups. But I will see what happens if I copy the file to another partition. Question: in hopes of helping to troubleshoot this, if a file was corrupt somehow (file system issue, CHKDSK needed, etc) how would Retrospect handle the file? Would it by-pass it or fail the job? QUestion 2, when it hits these files that is hangs on it comes up with a status of "Retrying...". What situations are coding into your product that would product the "Retrying..." status of the job?
  8. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    WEll, you are about to get the same answer someone else wrote back stating. - Random machines - Random times - Random backup servers in fact with different hardware - Stopping the client does NOTHING, tho the client in this case does say it is in use by Retrospect. - I cannot restart the client machines as these are customer facing machines. I need them to stay up and be accessible by clients. Let's try a different approach here, let's go on a whim and assume its the Retrospect product and not our hardware. What is Retrospect trying to do when the status is "Closing..."? Is it writing to the log, is it updating the client somehow, is it finishing up the snapshot? If we know exactly is it doing at the time you see "Closing..." listed as a status then maybe we can figure out what is failing. For the record, this is beyond ridiculous. Take a look at how many posters there are to this thread...ALL WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! We can't all have bad Nics.
  9. THere is nothing in common between the files that I can find. I am using the open file backup module. I have not tried copying the file to the D drive. I guess I can try that, but it really seems to me that error reporting in Retrospect needs a serious overhauling. The fact as customers we have to do a dance and move stuff around, delete preferences, etc because the product isn't reporting good errors is a little concerning. Is there any type of debugger you guys can write to allow people to get detailed logs of what exactly is causing problems?
  10. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    Here is a perfect example that I am looking at this morning. + Recycle backup using MYSERVER Week 1 at 1/31/2004 11:43 PM (Execution unit 2) To Backup Set MYSERVER Week 1... 1/31/2004 11:43:23 PM: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 1/31/2004 11:43:23 PM: Copying CUSTOMERDATA (D:) on WMA154 1/31/2004 11:43:23 PM: Connected to MYSERVER 1/31/2004 11:53:18 PM: Snapshot stored, 2,781 KB 1/31/2004 11:53:25 PM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 4390 files, 707.6 MB, with 23% compression Performance: 87.3 MB/minute Duration: 00:09:59 (00:01:11 idle/loading/preparing) As you can see it says the job completed at 11:53:25 PM on 1/31/2004...however today is 2/2/2004 and the job is still taking up an execution unit with "Closing..." listed as the status. I am unable to stop the job and cannot close Retrospect via the "Quit" menu choice. My only option is to use task manager and stop Retrospect that way. This problem is really killing my ability to do backjup jobs as that execution unit was not available all weekend long for my backups and now I have backup jobs queued up still pending because of it.
  11. The client OS is Windows 2000 Server SP4. If I tell Retrospect to ignore the file in question the backup will keep going (until it comes across the next file it doesn't like). I can verify the server is still up as I was connected to it via Terminal Server as the backup was running. On several of my servers having this problem I excluded the C:\ partition today (where the problem files were located) and only had it backup the D drive. The backups completed successfully. It is definitely related to the files somehow. Whether it is an access issue or Retrospect is coming across some issue once I remove the files from the backups the backups complete for the servers. Of course I can't leave it this way as I need to make sure the C:\ drive is backed up. As for the backup server it is backing up to disk, not to tape. And it has other clients that it backs up just fine with no issues, so this is not affecting all jobs on the server.
  12. If anyone can solve this one for me I will personally buy you a drink of your choice. I have multiple clients that Retrospect Server 6.5.336 cannot backup. If I watch the job what I see happen is that it gets to a certain file (file varies from server to server) and it gets stuck trying to copy it. It'll keep coming up with "Retrying" and then eventually fail the job. I cannot find any reason the file is not being backed up by Retrospect. Permissions are fine, I am using open file back up, the latest client version is being used, etc. What's even more infuriating is that Retrospect seems to be very "Dumb" about what to do next and instead of just bypassing the damn file it stops the job! Now maybe there is a setting somewhere to prevent this, but I'll be damned if I know what it is. Can anyone please help me with this?
  13. jsnyder

    Backup stuck in 'Closing'

    I am reposting to this thread so it gets attention again. I now have serveral Retro servers, running the latest version having the same problem. This is crippling my backups. If I can't get an answer to this problem I will probably have to switch to another product as I can't have my jobs getting stuck at "Closing" during the night. I came in this morning and one server had 22 jobs queued up because of this! Which of course meant I had to run the jobs during the work day to make sure the servers got backed up. And before I get asked this once more: Windows 2000 Server w/latest service packs and patches Retrospect 6.5.336
  14. jsnyder

    Retrospect Stuck at Quitting...

    Well, now that is has been 4 hours and still Retrospect was "Quitting" I had to do the Task Manager trick and shut it down that way. And of course as predicted I lost ALL MY CHANGES! Nothing like losing 3 hours of work because the application doesn't save it's own changes. If I sound ticked off...I AM! I would appreciate anyone letting me know what causes this problem with Retrospect and how to prevent it. This is unacceptable behaviour in a purchased product. I could understand it if the product was "Freeware" or "Shareware"...but for a purchased product to behave like this is incomprehensible to me.
  15. Today I made some significant changes to our scheduling, etc on our Retrospect server. When exiting the program it is now stuck at "Quitting..." and has been for over 30 minutes now. The last time I saw this problem I had to use Task Manager to shut down the program and I lost all my changes. Now I just spent several hours updating this server and would like to not lose my changes. Call me needy I guess. How can I get Retrospect to shut down without needing to stop it via task manager at this stage? Or and even better question, why the hell is this even happening? I am not used to programs where you go File...Exit and they get stuck. And if I have to use Task Manager to shut down Retrospect how do I make sure my changes are saved? The config65.dat's time stamp is about an hour off...so that tells me any changes since then have not been saved to it. HELP! Windows 2000 Server Retrospect Version 6.5 Backing Up To Disk Locally on Server