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  1. AmyJ said:


    The problem is that the server is not listening on Port 497.



    The server isn't listening on 497, I agree. I disagree with your other conclusions however.


    My understanding is that the port is just part of the data the nic transmits. The OS interprets ports, not the nic. I'll happily admit I don't know much about this though. However since that machine can query on that port, but doesn't respond on it, it seems to me the port must be open. Like you said, if the port was closed, nothing would come through.


    Everyone at Dantz seems anxious for the problem to be hardware related, and that's undoubtedly from experience. The problem may indeed be hardware, but I've never heard of a nic failing only on one port, and I can't disrupt my office when all evidence is the network is working properly.


    On my machine ( which unfortunately isnt' the backup machine ) Retrospect works properly and can see the other clients. If I use portquery to query this machine with the client service on then it reports that it is listening, if I turn the client service off and leave the other retrospect services on, portquery reports that the machine is not listening.


    This leads me to 2 conclusions:

    1 - port 497 is a red herring. The server on my machine isn't 'listening' on 497, and it works properly. The backup machine isn't listening on 497 because there is no client on it.

    2 - noone at Dantz cares about this problem. The test I just described took about 1 minute, yet you confidently assert in your post that the server should respond on 497! Surely someone in Tech support or development in your shop would know this already.


    Doug Brock, in this thread on Sept 19, reported the same problem, and suggested it was related to an xp update. I suspect the same. In both cases backups were successfully running and then stopped suddenly, with no change in networking setup.


    Doug, are you still following this thread? Have you got yours working?


    Please take me seriously! I've put a lot of effort into this already, and I really don't feel I've got your attention.


    Marc Pelletier

    Goldak Exploration




  2. We are using xp pro and home but the internet connection firewall is disabled. If there some other firewalling going on by default, please enlighten me. I would love to know.


    The other user mentioned problems related to a windows update. There were a flurry of updates a few weeks ago, and now I suspect that may be the root cause as well. But in that case I would expect more users to be experiencing the problem. However, as I've mentioned before my machine runs retrospect without a hitch, and has a nearly identical software setup. It is xp home, though.


    I highly doubt it is a hardware problem as the machine in question is in use as a file server/ data processing machine and we have not seen any networking issues, despite probably hundreds of megs of data transfer most days. I only have limited access to that machine, and can't take it down for extended periods.



  3. Well, I went digging around on that machine, disabling other services until it worked. The culprit was APC Powerchute, but on my machine, where Retrospect can see the clients, Powerchute is also installed!


    Now, with that disabled I am able to do a backup of a client, but I can't leave it disabled indefinately. I've requested info from APC whether they actually use 497, in case this is another red herring. Once I've got another full backup in the can I will do some more tests, reenabling that service and such.


    What is this piton multicast stuff all about? Any way to configure it differently? I don't want to have to choose between UPS and backup!




    Marc Pelletier

    Goldak exploration



  4. I just installed Retrospect on another machine and I am able to see other clients, and back them up, from there So it must be configuration on the backup machine somehow. What should I look for? To summarize, networking from that machine is fine, and in Clients|Add|Test I am able to see the clients, however nothing shows up in the Clients|Add dialog.


    The time of day thing is a red herring. As I mentioned earlier, I can NEVER see the clients from that machine. I originally interpreted the problem as a networking issue, and reported that networking was fine between those machines during the day. I didn't actually try and see the clients at that time. My bad.


    Marc Pelletier

  5. I hope this doesn't appear twice. I posted earlier but it hasn't showed up.


    Our network consists of 5 machines behind a router ( which has a firewall ). Nothing has been intentionally changed in the network configuration since we were able to make client backups ( about 8 days ago ).

    All of the machines are running xp, and are wide open to each other. As I said earlier, normal networking between the machines is still working perfectly.






  6. I can ping the other machines at any time and browse them through the explorer. But retrospect no longer sees them. I went into the backup client manager and told it to forget one of the machines then tried to add it back in, but it wasn't able to find any clients. Next I went into the test function and entered the ip address of a machine with the client installed. It then found the machine and displayed the client info, but still wasn't able to see it in the main add dialog.


    Marc Pelletier

    Goldak Exploration

  7. Hello,


    We are running 6.5 on a small office network (peer to peer ) with 3 clients. We backup to removable hard drives, with a recycle followed by 5 days incremental. For the last week or so none of the clients has been backed up. We get a 530 backup client not found error on every machine every night. During the day it seems to be able to see them just fine. I've confirmed that no scheduled activities are occurring at that time which could cause the clients not to respond.


    Any ideas anyone??




    Marc Pelletier

    Goldak Exploration

  8. Sorry Mayoff, somehow the last part of what I intended to post didn't get through, finger trouble.


    My intention with this post was to ask other users whether the peer support available here made up for what seems to be extremely underwhelming support by Dantz. In another thread I created about my specific problem you have already provided the answer, so it would appear that despite protestations to the contrary this is the official Dantz support mechanism.


    Thanks for your prompt replies to both posts.


    Marc Pelletier

  9. I am using 6.5 professional on a windows xp system. I've created a script that backs up to a file backup on removable drives. We have four drives that we will cycle once a week. Every monday we start out with a recycle and then incremental onto the same drive for the rest of the week. The script seems fine and has been running for about a week now. However, ever since implementing the script Retrospect ussually hangs on shutdown. The drive with the backup set on it starts to churn and that's it. I've left it literally hours. In order to kill it I have to manually reset the machine. After doing that there is an extra file on the backup drive with a .rfc extension.


    I initially started out in 5.1, but upgraded when this problem appeared. Once in 6.5 I recreated the same script and was rewarded with the same result.


    I hope someone can help me with this please!




    Marc Pelletier

    Goldak Exploration

  10. Hello all,




    I've just started a new job and have been given the task of getting the backup strategy in order. My new employer used Retrospect 5.1, and uses file backups on removable drives. They had been using immediate backups and wanted a script to manage things.




    Since implementing the script we've been having problems shutting down. As a first step to solving that we upgraded to the current version, which didn't help.




    Now, I tried calling tech support but after 45 minutes on hold I gave up. Then I went through the very painful web support page and for my efforts I was told I would receive a reply within 3 days! IS THAT IT??? Backup software is mission critical, 3 days can be a lifetime.










    Marc Pelletier


    Goldak Exploration