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  1. I have a user using 6.5.350 to a Plextor DVD burner. Retrospect is giving error -1127, can't read: "data error detected in file using cyclical redundancy check". I've had him compact the PST, no change. This is on Windows 2000 SP4. Suggestions? Abe
  2. Hi, Nate. Thanks for confirming that I'm on the right track. I hadn't realized that event handlers outside of Retrospect for Win (Mac, yes) were possible--how do I set such a thing up? And why would it be better in the first place than Retrospect's internal notifications? Thanks,
  3. Well, Roberta, I suppose CDRWs are better than nothing, and will serve at least for critical data. Just be sure that you've got Retrospect set to verify after backup, and do a test restore of some files (to a new folder, don't overwrite the originals) to confirm proper operation. If you'd like to continue using Retrospect, check the compatibility list periodically for an update. Dantz does release driver updates to accomodate new devices. And perhaps someone else here will have a suggestion I've missed. One thing I did forget: be sure you're using top-quality media, such as Verbatim and FujiFilm. Verbatim is a bit less costly for DVD+Rs, if I recall correctly.
  4. Robert, Have you tried updating the drive's firmware? Here's the latest, released 9/1: http://plextor.com/english/support/downloads/firm_712.htm Now, I don't see the drive listed in the Hardware Compatibility list, so it may be that bundling the demo was optimistic--it's a relatively new drive, and Dantz may still be working out the driver (I've got the PX-708UF and it works flawlessly, and most Plextor drives are supported, so there's cause for hope). Does it appear correctly in Configure, Devices? You may have to create a custom driver for it until a Dantz driver is released. See this doc for how-to: How to Auto Configure a CD-RW/DVD Device - Windows v6.5 Note that you must use all types of media to which you intend to back up during the driver creation process. Personally, I use only DVD+R and +RW. Also, check the support site for the doc on error -100. I'd post the link but the search function seems to be broken right now. Abe Hendin AtYourSpeed Consulting
  5. What I'd like to do as part of an overall backup strategy is create a script called, say, Friday, that will back up to either of two backups sets, depending on which is available: Friday A or Friday B. That would enable the script to back up automatically to Friday B while Friday A was off-site, then to resume with Friday A when it came back in and Friday B was rotated off-site. Needs to be done with a script and schedulers, not proactive (much too expensive an add-on for very small businesses, Dantz). Thought I knew how to do this, but I can't figure it out to my satisfaction right now--it seems that a scheduler can reference only a single backup set. I can imagine scheduling two scripts for the same time or a minute or two apart, then change the media request timeout to a low value, except that then the administrator wouldn't immediately know the next morning that a backup had failed to complete. Ideas? The goal is to avoid relying on the user to bring in the off-site set on a particular day. BTW, they have 5.6--that doesn't happen to include Proactive, as the Mac version of 4.x did, does it? Such a shame that Dantz made the Proactive option so expensive an additional component. Abe
  6. Thanks, GHamilton. As it turns out, DVDs aren't the best solution for my client, and I won't recommend non-natively supported drives for various reasons. Thanks for reporting your experience with custom driver speed, and the info on drive ID strings. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to matching Retrospect with hardware, as I've seen folks bitten in the past. I use a Plextor PX-708UF on USB2, myself.
  7. I really miss the easy FTP backup that was available in version 4.x for Mac. Off-site backup was made so easy that way--Retrospect automatically uploaded small data packets, which was a tremendous boon for unreliable network connections. It was beautiful. Now what? Please, PLEASE bring this feature into the Windows version. Abe Hendin AtYourSpeed Consulting
  8. abe

    Maxtor One Touch won't work

    Quote: As far as I know there is no email notification for the forums. Nate Boy, it sure would be nice if there were. I personally hate web-based forums, and would much prefer the speedy, no-overhead format of standard NNTP. Alas. The result is that I don't get over here much, and email notification would greatly ease issue tracking. Abe
  9. Has any testing been done with the DRU-710A or LiteOn SOHW-1633S (on which mechanism the DRU-710A is based)? Preliminary results? The DRU-700A is qualified. The main difference seems to be that the 710A burns DVD+R at 16x, while the 700A is limited to 8x. Both are dual-layer capable. Neither the 710A nor the 1633S are listed in the compatibility list yet. If the mechanisms are the same, is there any advantage to going with the Sony over the LiteOn? My gut tells me to go with the drive offered by the manufacturer of the internl mechanism, and save the nearly $70... Thanks, Abe
  10. abe

    Newbie Idiocy and Number of Discs?

    Well, Matt, let's say a CD-R holds about 650 MB, or .65 GB. A rough calculation: 10.7/.65 = 16.46 CD-Rs, without compression, just to start. How many CDs were required for the first backup? Bear in mind that if you're doing full backups, not just critical data, there are quite a few files that change daily. You should be able to see the amount of data being backed up daily on the Execute tab of the Activity monitor (6.5) during execution, and in the log after backup. Your registry can be quite large (mine is up to something like 80+ MB), and that is backed up by default. Compression is usually off by default, but can be turned on in script options (do create a script, then all you have to do to run your backup with selected options is select it from the Run menu). Also, snapshots of directory structure, also created by default (don't turn these off!), can become quite large. You can exclude cache and temp files; I also exclude recycled files. Note that the default "All files except cache files" selector doesn't exclude all cache files from all browsers, and must be checked/edited if necessary for your environment. Bottom line is that 14 CDs doesn't sound like many at all for daily backup over several weeks of a 10.7 GB disk. You'll be much happier if you invest in a DVD burner such as the Plextor PX-708 to replace your CD burner. DVDs hold some 4.7 GB. I'm using the external model I bought many months ago; the internal version can be had for as low as $80 after the $30 rebate (ends 8/31). Personally, my daily backups are of critical data only, and I exclude the registry from that backup; I run Full backups only periodically, to be ready for disaster. I believe that the DR CD needs to be recreated only when you change hardware or drivers, but know that even if your DR CD doesn't work you can still go the basic route of reinstalling the OS, then Retrospect, then restoring from your latest full backup. Do be sure to test it, however, with a different HDD if possible, so you don't get screwed if it fails. It's time-consuming, but the only good policy. Abe [may not be back here for some time, will assume others will follow up with you.]
  11. abe

    5.6: Disaster Recovery woes

    Thanks for your thoughts, Nate. 5.6 is indeed fairly old, though it has been working flawlessly with WinXP since it was released in the basic backup/restore arenas. I wound up sticking the new drive into a mobile rack with a laptop drive adapter in my main system, booted to a spare W2K partition, then installed 5.6 and an old portable Plextor CD burner that is compatible with 5.6, and did the restore there. Worked out fine, and I'm glad I was able to confirm that DR in 5.6 is unreliable in my client's environment. Perhaps it's time for her to upgrade... ;-) Abe
  12. It seems that DR in 5.6.132 isn't worth much... I've got a client with 5.6 that just upgraded to XP SP2, had to replace a HDD, and thought it would be a good idea to create DR CDs. So I ran a full backup and created a DR CD with a slipstreamed XP Home (upg) SP2 CD from a mapped network drive (this is on a laptop). That process proceeded perfectly. The Backup set compared quite well (a couple of non-critical files didn't compare at offset x, but a second backup cleared those). Using Verbatim DataLifePlus 700MB CDs in a Sony CRX700E, which is qualified as of version 5.15. The test restore to a new HDD began badly: started booting from the DR CD, but was prompted to insert the XP Home SP2 CD from which the DR CD was created (odd). Then, as per usual with an upgrade, was prompted to insert a previous Windows version CD. No problem. On continuing with the DR CD after choosing the partition, however, setup was unable to find "assert.exe". Had to switch to the DR CD. That worked till 9% of the files were copied, then got stuck at "cinemst2.sys", and had to switch back to the XP Home SP2 CD. That worked till 46%, "GENSEQ2K.INF". Switched back to the DR CD. That worked till 47%, "fsvga.sys". Back to the SP2 CD, which had everything through the end of the initial file copying. Prompted to reboot, then initial setup, then the DR prompt to reboot, then Retrospect loaded and the DR Wizard started. When prompted to insert the first member of the backup set, its status comes up as "unknown". Tried passing on that member but the second came up status unknown as well. Tried to load another snapshot with the same results. On a lark I tried CTRL-ALT-P-P and checked "use NT SCSI Passthrough". Closed Retrospect, rebooted, and tried again. No go, same error. By now I'm of course ticked off cuz I've spent hours on this. No special driver update is required for this drive, I checked. The set members register as set members just fine on another system with Retrospect 6.5.350. I confirmed that the Retrospect DR temp version is 5.6.132, just as it was when the backup was created. AND, the CDs register just fine for restore when booted from the source HDD: I tested them with a folder/file. Anyone have any thoughts, or are we simply screwed for DR here? If restore works when booted from the source, why not when booted to the temp DR system? How to fix this?? Abe
  13. Confound it!! It just wanted port 2999 this morning and failed, so I had to change my port exceptions YET AGAIN, this time to 497,1000-4000. And then, when I restarted Retrospect to run the script I prepared to do just the client after such a failure occurred, it said it couldn't gain access to the burner! Closing Retrospect, then power cycling the burner, then trying again, worked. This is truly infuriating behavior. Abe the Annoyed
  14. Quote: I do *not* want a script failing for a missing backup device to throw up a dialog and wait forever rather than just failing the script and moving on to other scripts and backup devices. Hi, GoAWest. You're absolutely right about this: such a problem should be avoided by coding a "no device" prompt similar to the media request timeout: if a device isn't installed within a user-specified number of minutes, Retrospect would move on to the next script. Those who don't have other devices could set the timeout to "never" just as they can with the media request timeout, and those who have other devices could set an appropriate timeout.