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  1. Hi, I launched Retrospect Multi-server today only to be prompted to enter the serial number again. Once I did so I found that all of my previously configured information is no longer there. Retrospect has been running on this machine for many months without problems, now suddenly my scripts, clients, etc. are no more! Does anyone know how I might go about getting them back? C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect does contain a set of files and there's a 'Backup Report.log' file in there that shows log information from previous backups, but I can't figure out why Retrospect would have "lost" its configuration. Not a good thing to have happen, any help is most appreciated. TIA. Joel
  2. Of course the obvious answer is to restore the configs from backup (how apropos); which is what I've done; but I'm still a little concerned by whole thing. Is it as simple as the config file(s) became corrupted somehow and was unreadible to Retrospect? Anyway, less urgent now, but if anyone has had the same thing happen and been able to get the configuration back without resorting to a backup I'd be interested what else can be done.
  3. Update for any who care: After installing a test RH7.0 machine and the client without problems I found that backups and restores worked fine (for my limited testing i.e. low load on the machine, few processes running, few open files, no databases, etc). The only issue I found was that if I were to cancel a running backup process from the server the client(s) appeared to "crash" and all future connect attempts from the server failed with "client not found" errors. Still debating whether to cross my fingers and go for it on a live machine... FWIW.
  4. Hi all, I realize that Dantz does not officially support RH 7.0, but has anyone tried to use the client on that RH release? Are there any issues to be aware of? Does it work? I have a production machine which I need to make a part of the active backups, but it is running RH 7.0 and I'd like to avoid an OS upgrade at the moment if at all possible. Thanks, Joel