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    Error 111

    In my messages log file on a Gentoo Linux system, I keep getting the following error: Jun 14 22:31:10 mail Retrospect[3318]: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 111 That is about the time that machine is backed up. The backup runs fine, but I get this error message. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
  2. Okay, this is driving me crazy. I went and put the new Exabyte drive on my laptop, which is also running 10.2.6 and Apple System Profiler found the drive. So, I decided to change the machine which was running Retrospect. I installed a fresh copy of 10.2.6 on a new iMac 600 and copied over Retrospect. But, the drive cannot be found on this new drive. I do have a Firewire hard drive on this iMac which is running fine. Just the new Exabyte cannot be found.
  3. I just purchased a new Exabyte VXA-1 firewire drive. I am running Retrospect 5.0.238 on an iMac running OS X 10.2.6. If I go into Configure Devices, the drive does not show up. Any ideas. I had a DDS-3 firewire drive from Lacie on this machine, with the same problem. I thought the drive was bad so I purchased this new Exabyte. Mabye I was mistaken. If I go into Apple System Profiler, should a tape drive show up under the Firewire devices section? Thanks, Jeff
  4. Very strange. I have shut off my script which backs up my AppleshareIP server because it always crashed the server. I had begun just mounting the server volumes on my Retro machine and backing it up that way. But, I had forgot that I only setup the date to shut off the script until yesterday. It ran the script last night, and it completed a backup with no problems. Very strange indeed. I will let it go tonight and see what happens. Jeff
  5. The .205 update does not fix the Appleshare crashes. It was said in the announcement that they are still working on that problem. They hope to have a resolution soon. Jeff
  6. I installed the update last week, and I was able to backup my AppleshareIP server again. But, for some reason, on Sunday night, which does a recycle backup, it started freezing the AppleshareIP server again. And, since then, I have not had a backup complete. It will freeze the AppleshareIP server, where Kick-off has to restart it. Jeff
  7. I am running AppleshareIP on 9.0.4. Jeff
  8. I am also having the same problem. I installed the patch, and everything was working fine for a couple of days. Now, all of a sudden, my AppleshareIP server will crash hard each time Retro starts to back it up. I have kick-off installed on that machine, and it restarts it, telling me there was a system error.
  9. I just installed the update, and ran it. It appears to work perfectly. I will know for sure when it runs tonight. But, it did not give me an internal consistency error and it did not crash my server. This is using Retrospect on an OS 9 machine connecting to an AppleshareIP server. Jeff
  10. That is good to know. I can't upgrade to OSX just yet. So, hopefully Dantz will get this problem resolved soon. Jeff
  11. You might want to go through this forum and find at least 3 other threads on this subject. It is a problem with Retrospect. Supposedly they are working on a pacth to fix it. I have been unable to back up my AppleshareIP server ever since I installed Retro 5. I was able to mount the AppleshareIP server on the backup machine yesterday and do a backup that way. But, I am sure I am not backing up permissions or anything like that. Jeff
  12. I am not sure. I am thinking of trying the mounting method this weekend to see. Dantz, could you please tell me if the patch you are working on is also going to address the crashing of AppleshareIP servers? If the patch is only going to fix the internal consistency problem, then I should be looking at other options right now. Thanks, Jeff
  13. I sure hope they are working through the weekend to get this resolved. During the week Eric and Irene said we would hear something by Friday. Well, Friday passed without a word from Dantz. Jeff
  14. Interesting. I am also running the Event Handler Script. I will try removing it and see what happens. Hopefully Dantz will issue a patch to fix this problem before I have time to try another backup. Jeff
  15. Yes, this is happening to me, and many others on this list. I think Dantz is working on the problem. I hope it comes out today. I need to get my backups going again. Jeff