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  1. Trying to track this down some more and I'm wondering if I am running into a router/firewall problem. My server is and Internet router/firewall using natd/ipfw. I'm wondering if the multicast packets are somehow getting wrongly diverted out to the Internet rather than remaining on the local subnet by the firewall. This would result in the client never receiving the discovery packets and thus no client found. Any ipfw experts have any suggestions? Thanks, -Matt
  2. I too would love it if Dantz would support FreeBSD. Anyway, can someone who has gotten this working in Linux compatibility mode on FreeBSD help me out? I installed the client and it starts fine, but when I try to add the client from my MacOSX server it say no clients found. If I hit the 'Test' button and type the IP address of the FreeBSD server, it shows a valid backup client. Unfortunately, (and this really chaps my ass DANTZ) they put a 'Add by Address' button that I can't use because I'm not running an advanced license. So the question is how can I get the server to discover the FreeBSD client? Any suggestions? I checked my firewall and I'm not getting any blocked hits. The FreeBSD server is multihomed is there something I need to do differently to bind to a different address? Thanks, -Matt
  3. I'm using 6.0 Pro on a Windows XP Pro host and I can't get the Launcher Service to keep running scheduled backups. If I uncheck 'Enable Launcher Service', reboot, then recheck 'Enable Launcher Service', I can then schedule a test backup and verify that the Launcher Service fires. Later that night, the normal scheduled backup runs and completes successfully. The next day no backups run. For some reason, it will only run one scheduled backup and then dies. I tried recreating my backup script, thinking that maybe the script was corrupted and causing a problem at the very end. There is also only one user on the machine, an administrator account. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm pulling my hair out and none of the suggestions I have seen in the forums so far have helped. It is strange because the machine has run fine for months, now all of a sudden it refuses to keep running. Thanks, Matt P.S. I am also using the stock retroeventhandler.bat file to email reports to myself if that makes a difference.