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  1. We think we have a solution, at least Retrospect can now see and manipulate the L40. We found two problems - one was the length of the cable. It's not that long - about 6 meters or so - but switching to a shorter one made a difference. We also had a problem with the scsi adapter it was connected to. We ended up removing the HP DDS autoloader and using its scsi connection on the server. So it was the hardware, after all. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. No, the Tape Tools utility doesn't. It requires services (that use a scsi device) to be stopped so it can scan the bus without being interfered with. Then when log out of the utility, you simply restart those services.
  3. Yes in device manager the loader and tape drives still show to be disabled. In the Retrospect environment, the StorageTek L40 loader is listed with "version 0212" and "driver 1.06" - that's how Retrospect reports it, anyway. The loader was installed by StorageTek and as far as I know, it doesn't emulate another loader. As a side note, the server (an HP) has a utility called Tape Tools. The utility sees the loader and its internal tape drive, but it reports a "timeout" when querying the loader. I'm not sure that information is useful, though, because the utility is only certified to work with HP equipment. I'm trying to find out from StorageTek if they have something comparable.
  4. The device driver is disabled, but the L40 library is still not visible. I am open to other comments or suggestions.
  5. I can, but it takes a little coordinating with the users for the reboot (it's a remote site). But I think its worth a shot.
  6. I'm evaluating a trial version of Retrospect on a Win 2000 Server with two tape libraries: an HP DDS4 autoloader and a StorageTek L40. The L40 has two HP Ultrium-2 LTO drives. I can see the HP library and can select it for backup. I can also see the L40's HP drives, but I can't see (under Devices...Status) the L40 library itself. The L40 does appear on the Environment page. The L40's scsi ID is 4, whereas it's HP drives have 12 and 13. Also, the L40 driver (in Device Manager) is enabled whereas the HP drives' device driver is disabled. (This is due to configuring for a different backup application.) For the L40, what does Dantz recommend for the device driver? The trial version of Retrospect I have has a recent drivers update. Also, does it matter if the scsi ID of the L40 is somewhat "distant" from the ID's of the tape drives?