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  1. Thanx, but how can I upgrade? I downloaded the 4.3 upgrade from dantz.com but the installer doesn't recognize the orig install path from my fresh installed Retrospect 4.1E Version, which was delivered with the DAT-Device. Any recomendations how to upgrade? Or do I have to buy an upgrade? Thanx for assitance! Andrej
  2. Hi, in our agency we are using Retrospect 4.1. First we had an internal 9 GB HD and a connected SONY DAT device which was used to backup our internal HD every evening to the DAT-Device. Now we need more HD space and so we changed the internal HD to a 18GB HD but suddenly we noticed that the DAT Device can't handle the bigger HD! So we bought a second 18GB HD (same model) and want Retrospect 4.1 to backup every evening to the second internal HD! But ... Retrospect 4.1 doesn't recognice the internal HD as a backup device! The second HD is monted on the desktop and it's shown in the retrospect SCSI list. How can retrospect 4.1 backup to the second internal HD???? Thanks a lot for assistance! Andrej