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  1. Howdy, I've got a problem that if Retrospect 6.0 is inadvertently quit by an operator, subsequently the application doesn't always successfully re-launch itself. This is on OS X server 10.4.2. I need to run an Applescript or cron task that will launch Retrospect 6.0 at periodic intervals, like once an hour or once a day or find some other utility that will function to launch Retrospect if it is not running. I've been attempting to use cron utilities to get an Applescript to run which launches Retrospect. The script works fine, the cron jobs do not. Any tips appreciated. What I could use is either an Applescript that always runs and launches Retrospect if it is not running, or a way to configure cron so that it launches a simple Applescript regularly that launches Retrospect. I've tried Cronnix so far with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  2. Howdy all, I'm working with Mac Server 6.0 edition, running on OS X Tiger 10.4.2 server. I've just clean installed Retrospect and copied the mail.app event handler into the Retrospect preferences folder. I've added one mail address into the Main group, using quote marks and saved it. When I run a script, the event handler launches mail.app, which then complains there's no 'To' address in the generated email, so it cannot be sent. I can't see any problems in the setup. It's fairly straightforward to put in an email address in the event handler script using quote marks on each side. I've tried different iterations of this but get the same result. Mail does not get sent because there's no address on the 'To:' line. Any tips appreciated. Thanks in advance. Todd
  3. Howdy, I'm running Retrospect 6.0212 on Tiger 10.4.1. My backup media is a 250 gig drive in an external firewire case. The backup set is usiing the firewire drive as media. The drive was erased and renamed by Retrospect as member 1 of the backup set. The backup proceeded normally until the backup size reached 91.2 gigs for 313,087 files. Then Retrospect wants a second member/drive to proceed. A 'Get Info' on the drive shows it still has 140.29 gigs free with 92.47 gigs used. The drive is formatted as Mac OS Extended. I've tried recycling the set and running the backup over again but get the same result, the backup won't go past 92 gigs. Any tips appreciated. Todd
  4. Howdy, I'm using Retro 6.0 Mac Express to do duplicates to firewire drives. Express comes with the firewire drives sold by OWC. This is the second setup I'v had the same problem with. The duplicate of the internal hard drive to the external firewire drive goes fairly normally until there's perhaps 100 files left to go. Then the backup slows way down to perhaps 4Mbps from 100 Mbps. You can see the files clicking by one at a time. It takes forever to complete. Most of the time the people doing the duplicate turn it off in frustration that it will never complete. I' thinking Express is going through the thousands of tiny files that compose OS X and choking or bottlenecking at the end. I've tried reformatting the firewire drive and reinstalling Retrospect but the problem persists. Carbon Copy cloner doesn't have this problem. Why is Express going so slow?
  5. Sorry for the delay. I've talked to Dantz support, walked through all sort of command line tests. The 497 port appears to be listening on the ethernet interface. The Mac backup server is open on port 497 and tests that port as open on the XP machine. There is no firewall software installed. I've tried enabling the XP firewall and making exceptions and having the firewall off. There are no multiple instances of the Retro client running in the Task Manager. At the moment, the XP firewall is off. I was able to login the client, view the C volume in the config window. When I go to do a backup and try to define a subvolume, I get an error 519. The XP machine is running normally, not asleep. Stil logged in, but now I can't see the volume in the config window. Brief period of operation when first logged in, then 519's when the machine is accessed.
  6. On my systems, one client does not show up at all. The other client does show up, but errors when you try to do a backup, or see the volumes in the configuration window. I've only worked on the second client, since I was able to log it in initially. I've tried forgetting the client and that didn't change anything. I'll be there tomorrow. I'd like to know some tips for getting then hooked up.
  7. Howdy, I'm running a new install of Retrospect Workgroup 6.0 on OS X 10.3 and a 1.25 Ghz G4 server. The Mac clients show up no problem. There are two XP clients that either don't show, or get an error when attempting a backup. The first PC shows in the Retrospect client window as responding, and fails when backups are attempted. I checked the Registry on the pc according to the Dantz support FAQ. There were two entries for Dantz, one for 5.x client and one for 6.5 client. I tried deleting the 5.x entry...didn't help. The FAQ says I'm supposed to look for a Bind Listener entry, but there is no bind listener entry. There's a REG SZ and a Binary entry. Thanks for any help.
  8. TLReed

    Backup set heavily damaged

    Nate, Well, can't do it while the machine is running. It did eventually finish and the restore came out okay. How about another issue? The SDLT tape drive doesn't communicate to Retrospect when it needs a cleaning. It flashes a light that is supposed to tell the operator to run a cleaning session. Can't see it inside the autoloader though. I've set the cleaning interval to 200 hours. When Retrospect does a cleaning, it puts in 8-10 consecutive log entries saying the heads are getting cleaned. Takes about 10 minutes. Does that seem right? I wonder if 200 hours is the best interval, and why does Retrospect do it 8-10 times in a row. I wonder if I'm polishing the read heads down to nubs. Todd
  9. Vicki, You might want to make sure your hard drive has free space. I had the exact same error on a system and that was the problem. Sharing violations and damaged catalog until I made some free space and recreated the catalogue from tape.
  10. TLReed

    Backup set heavily damaged

    Nate, Thanks for your help. The disk is full. Didn't seem obvious at the time, but that's the root of the problem. It's an older machine, only 4 gigs. I may have turned off compression, a couple of extra sets go created and boom suddenly no disk space. I'm rebuilding the file now and it's going pretty slowly. That's my next question. I rebuilt a storage set last week, set C, and it took under an hour. This set is rebuilding really slowly. It's been 8 hours so far. I thought the catalog was intact at the beginning of the last tape. These are 100 gig SDLT tapes, last tape is #6. It's up to 868 gigs so far of recataloging. The recatalog is varying between 15 Mbps and 80 Mbps or thereabouts. Any clues why the recatalog is so slow? There's about 195 megs of free space left on the disk. I'm thinking I should clear up more disk space just in case that's a limiting factor somehow. Todd
  11. TLReed

    Backup set heavily damaged

    Yes, we have rebooted the machine. I had to rebuild the catalogue from tape, which occurred successfully. After several days of backups, the catalogue, the new rebuilt one, is heavily damaged and cannot be accessed. This is a machine with a UPS that does domain serving and backups. Doesn't get used as a workstation. It's been very stable for 3-4 years and has never shown any major issues until now. I'm going to rebuild the catalogue again so we can restore some files, but I'm not sure how to proceed after that. Something is damaging the catalogue. I would assume that the catalogue will be damaged and/or inaccessible again within a few days in a similar fashion.
  12. I'm running Retrospect 6.5.2336 on NT 4.0. I'm backing up a mix of PC's and Mac workstations to a 10-slot autoloader . This past week Retrospect has quit with assertion errors a couple of times so that our backup was not happening every day. Our script rotated storage sets today to one that was last written on three weeks ago, Storage Set A. I wanted to reset set A manually before the script began. The autoloader has over a TB of capacity, so we let our backups run for quite awhile before recycling the set manually. When accessing the properties for set A, Retrospect asked where the set catalogue was, which I browsed to, and then got the message the file was heavily damaged. When I try to repair the file, I get a sharing violation. When I try to see the properties again, another sharing violation. I seem to get one heavily damaged, then all further accesses gets sharing violation unless I quit the app or reboot. After some hemming and hawing, I tried to erase the Storage Set A tape #1 so I can create a new storage set, but I can't do that unless I also open the original Storage Set A catalogue file, which gives me another sharing violation. The last entry in the log for set A was from 2/17 though I suspect the proactive backup saved data to this catalogue between 2/17 and 2/20, but there's no entry in the log. Can't access registry for "S-1-5-21-1409692334-878795848-312552118-1076", error -1101 (file/directory not found) 2/20/2004 3:33:50 PM: Script execution terminated at specified stop time. Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set Backup Set PC-A, error -1201 (stopped by operator) Ultimately, I'm having to rebuild the original damaged catalogue file from the last tape in the set so I can then recycle it, or erase the tapes and create a new storage set. Why did the catalogue file get damaged? Is it a factor of size of the file, over 300 MB at this point? Why the sharing violations when I try to access it? Finally, if I have a damaged storage set and want to start over, how am I supposed to erase a tape with existing Retrospect data on it, but no catalogue for it. Thanks in advance. Todd
  13. Howdy, My first post on this subject never got resolved, so here goes again. I've got three scripts running plus pro-active server on Retrospect Multi-server 6.5336. Two scripts have allowed run times to prevent backing up during daytime hours (allowed start is 8 PM, end at 8 AM). The Retro preferences have 1 execution unit set and the default schedule in preferences is set to 24 hours. These two scripts run at any time regardless of the allowed schedule set in the script itself ( 8 PM to 8 AM). I'm looking through the log and see the scripts starting after 8 AM over and over again. Either I don't understand the logic behind the script schedule (which works on the Mac side no problem), or it just doesn't function. If the former, would someone please remedy my lack of knowledge before my users get too tweaked because the scripts are running needlessly during daytime hours. Thanks in advance.
  14. Howdy, I'm running a Peak 10 cell autoloader with cell 10 defined as a cleaning tape in Retrospect 6.5336 multi-server. The SuperDLT drive in the loader doesn't have a way to signal that it needs cleaning to Retrospect. As a work-around, I've set Retrospect to clean the tape head every 100 hours. When a cleaning interval occurs, I get log entries like the folliwing: 6:17:23 PM: A cleaning operation was requested for "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0". It was used 100 hours since the previous cleaning request. 6:23:38 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:23:38 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:29:02 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:29:02 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:34:33 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:34:33 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:40:07 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:40:07 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:45:38 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:45:38 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:51:09 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:51:09 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:56:40 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. 6:56:40 PM: Drive "SuperDLT DC, ID 3:0" was cleaned. I'm concerned that Retrospect is overdoing it and cleaning the tape head over and over again. Plus, the cleaning tape is supposedly only good for 20 uses. What am I to conclude from the above entries, that the tape head was cleaned once or 14 times in a row? TIA for any help given.