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  1. Hi I just found out that my PMG4-MDD 1Ghz that died has a toasted logic board, so it looks like I will buying a new machine. I was thinking about getting a PC instead in order to be rid of the problems of open files (like outlook.pst email databases) not being copied that really annoys me. To me backup of email seems pretty important and I would like that to work. So I have 2 questions: 1. I will need to rebuild catalogs from tapes that were created by Retrospect Server 6 for Mac. Can I install RS for Windows and have it do this? 2. Is there a chance that the Mac version will have the capability to copy "open files" in the near future so I could avoid switiching platforms? (I am a real mac-head, but if the Win version is better, I will have to learn how to use a Win-machine) Thanks for any help eric
  2. Kinger, settle down. Dave answered your question about where to send your drive and what "data loss" is due to. I don't think that Dave actually works for dantz, so I don't know who you reported him to. He may sometimes have a sharp tongue, but he answers a lot of questions here. I hope that you can extract your data and that you will be able to build in some kind of redundancy in your backup system, ie 2 or more sets. One reason is that the media can fail, another is that media can be stolen or destroyed by fire, yet another is that Retrospect has it's own problems too. Since you are just backing up old projects, then maybe you would feel safe with 2 sets. Make sure you have verification turned on and that both sets seem OK before you erase the originals...
  3. I have also been very close to losing Retrospect and switching to something else for the 821 error (and others...) I have been using RS since v.4 and have had different problems come and go. In this particular instance (821 error), putting new memory in the server actually fixed the problem. Really bisarre but true. I still don't understand how all other software manages with my "faulty" memory, but this worked for me. Have you tried that?
  4. I pulled out the old RAM (512 + 256 in slots "1" and "3") and replaced them with 2 new 512s in slots 1+2. This config has been running for over a week without an 821 error. I don't know if the problem was in the RAM or possibly in the slots since I slightly changed both. I will see if the server is still alive on Monday. eric
  5. You should really be thinking about running at least 2 sets. I would be more worried about your RAID breaking during normal use than the server crashing just after a recycle backup. Or perhaps even more likely, getting some pesky retrospect error (bad header, chunk checksum ..) that could render your whole set useless. I rotate (tape) sets weekly (I have 5 sets) and recycle them at staggered intervals. Dailys would be even better but I don't want to have to go to the server room every day to change tapes (no library). You should keep the sets on different physical drives too in case your RAID fails badly on you (You didn't specify the configuration of your RAID).
  6. Thanks Dave, I talked and emailed with the Swedish distributor for Dantz (moreware). They had never heard of the problem and actually emailed me this very thread as a solution! Amusing but not very helpful. I have also been in touch with SONY and they explained that there probably wasn't anything wrong with my drive. The testing tool they provide doesn't actually support firewire and La Cie has no info at all on what they put in their boxes. I just ordered new memory for the server, so I will replace it all on Monday. If the error comes back, it should surface after a few days. Then I will call Tech Support in Europe. I just feel very reluctant to call up some people in Holland or somewhere only to have them charge me money (I think I had support included only for the first 30 days) and take forever going through things I already know. But if I call them I will be sure to share with the forum. It would be great if I could generate some useful logs and have someone to send them to. I will post here as soon as I have tried the RAM and/or called Euro Tech Support. PS, Yes OS9, those were the days! OK Dokey ....
  7. I ran OnyX and the server ran for the usual 2-3 days and then 821'd on me. Again, the server stopped on an oSX client and was also preceded by those supposedly irrelevant FSMake Unicode errors (when file system logging is on). Where should I go from here? Right now I would put Retro in the trash if I could but there isn't anything else around that will do the multi platform job for me. But I will try to be constructive if there are any better ideas. Thanks Eric
  8. Retro saves your data as snapshots that contain all changed/new files since the last backup. If you delete a file on your hard drive, it doesn't dissappear from the backup set. (If you think about it, it would be pretty bad if it did). So, backup sets do just get larger and larger. If you do a recycle backup, retrospect will "start over", emptying the set and it will be small again. Note that recycling deletes all the old info, so you should have at least 2 sets and recycle them at staggered intervals. If you only have been using one set, I suggest you start a second one before recycling the first one.
  9. Hello again.... I just got another 821 error, so the RDU didn't help me. I was OK for a good 2 weeks though, so I thought I has been helped. I will try NickG's suggestion of running Onyx and get back to you. I am curious, is anyone else having this problem persist after RDU 5.7.104? Eric
  10. Hi Nate, I might just add that I have tried a fresh install of 10.3 (I was upgrading from 10.2.x) on a different ATA drive (separate bus) and reinstalled retrospect (but moved my prefs over because I don't want to keep losing my scripts). Things were OK for 6 days, then the old 821 was back. The only thing I haven't tried is changing the RAM. So, that didn't help me much. I will try the RDU of course. If that doesn't work I might have to consider the RAM. I agree with Dave, new users probably won't load the RDUs if their devices are already supported. How about just having the application version number increase by 0.0.1? That would make it easier to keep track of current versions. Now we have the server, client and RDU versions to report when things go wrong. And things *do* go wrong. Heres hoping that this RDU will be the end of this thread... /e
  11. Hi Dave, So I guess what I would like is just a note of the crash and a restart, not a full stop. Well, I would really like a server that doesn't crash at all.. About the file system errors: Yes, I think they are minor too, I just noted that when they didn't occur there were no -821 errors either. Any ideas on why they occur? They all seem to mention Unicode. Is there still an issue with unicode in RS6? I thought that was supposed to be fixed? I will call the Swedish agent for Dantz, as they claim to have support and have someone come here and look at the beast. If I get any help, I will be sure to relay it to you here. /eric
  12. Hi, me again I have now had this problem again pretty much after each night of running a backup server script. All of the clients have been macs (OS X) and have been preceeded by those FSMake Unicode errors (when file system logging is on). I don't get these errors on all OSX clients, but some clients have them and don't cause -821 errors. My setup is a LaCie (SONY) AIT-2 connected to a real FireWire port (no 3rd party here) on a MDD G4 1GHz with 768MB of RAM, OS 10.2.8 and no other software running except the Event Handler w/ python emailing me twice a day. This error has showed up on 2 different backup sets and even after a recycle. So, I am guessing that there is something wrong with the preference files as has been suggested earlier. I trashed them a while ago and that did grant me a few weeks of -821-free operation, but it forced me to find all the clients on the network again and make new scripts. I only have about 30 clients but that still takes me days to locate all the laptops and and other intermittently connected machines. So I am not happy to have to trash all my work regularly. I have a few questions: 1: What in the preference files can possibly become "corrupt" while the server is running in such a way that the whole program has to be quit? 2: Why can't scripts, client lists and whatever becomes corrupt be kept in separate pref-files? This would, to me, make a lot more sense. 3: How can a so-called server just stop to wait for me to press quit? To me server means something running by itself, something stable, not to be affected by external problems (I am not getting into net retry errors here...) If only it could log the error and try to move on, or restart itself and try again. Just stopping, and not even having the event handler send out an error message seems kind of dumb. Ideas anyone? I totally understand rickb, this is very frustrating, but I seem stuck with RS until I can get a PC server too and run 2 separate systems, with BRU for the Macs and something else for PC, so I would like this to work.
  13. This has been discussed before and there doesn't seem to be a good answer as to why Retrospect can't stop retrying and move along to the next script like one would like it to. There is however a workaround: Secret preferences Hold down "alt" when you click on the preferences button and voila, you have the secret settings. Here, under "Client" you can set a threshhold for transfer rates. If the average rate drops below the threshold, the server moves along to the next client. This works well for the kind of net retry problem you seem to have (disconnected laptops) but less well if you have net retries caused by errors in the client. Hope this helps
  14. The server script polls through the lists of clients checking of they are there. If you set up a separate script for stationary computers that runs say, at night and one for laptops that runs during office hours you will effectively be giving the latops a higher priority. As far as I know you can't get the server to leap ahead to a certain client because they show up on the network. It just loops through the list.
  15. Hi I have noticed that this file turns up in my operations log with an error regularly (I have file system logging enabled) FscGetFSRef: FSMakeFSRefUnicode failed for file Retro.Icons (6.0), error -43 Maybe we can get some insight on what this file does from the experts? /eric