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  1. Hi Nate! I am just interested in knowing how the open file backup method of Retrospect works. Just how it do its function? Thanks.....
  2. Hi! I am interested in the Open File Option of Retrospect. However, I can't find any detailed documentation on the technical details how Retrospect does it's "copy-on-write" backup mechanism. Does anyone know where I can get a technical documentation of Retrospect with regards to this backup method? or could anyone explain the technical details? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Derek! 2 backup sets in your case should be used, 1 for the servers and 1 for the laptops. The backup sets should be set to recycle media if you're using old tapes or to skip to blank media if you are using just blank tapes all the time. An idea is to schedule the backup set for the servers to run only every MWF and the other backup set for laptops every TThS. So every morning of Tuesdays, you could remove the tapes used for the server backup to bring off site and the remaining will be used by Retrospect for backing up laptops on Tuesday night...
  4. Thanks for all inputs! (I continued Keli's problem.) It was found out that on-site tests showed no notification problems (there is a notification after a backup is done and when no backups are done after x days). Simply put, notification does not work on terminal sessions no matter what you do.
  5. Thanks Nate! I know that one could restore files and folders to have the same name as the Backup Set. But what I wanted to do since the previous (original) folders were deleted is to restore them back from the backup set, meaning restoring the original folder name and all. The problem is that Retrospect (6.5) does not restore a "deleted" folder from the backup set just as it is. Retrospect requires the folder name to be created manually first if you don't want to have it redirected somewhere else. I wonder if there is an automated version of restoring folders to the location where they used to be (when the originals are deleted) without having to create the folders manually nor redirecting the restore? It is cumbersome to create the folders manually one by one when you want several deleted folders to be restored.
  6. Hi Amy! -------------------------------- QUOTE: Try a clean install of a 6.5 client (uninstall /reboot / reinstall). You'll have to log this client in again and add it to your scripts. Don't change any preferences in the client control panel. Do an immediate backup of the client machine and check to see if the notfication box appears. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I did a clean install of the Retrospect multiserver and the client and didn't change any preferences and did an immediate backup of the client. I still don't have notification popups. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ QUOTE: Are the machines logged in or out during backup? --------------------------------------------------------------- No the machines are logged on steadily during backup. However, I am doing all this administration to remote machines (10000 Kms away from my desktop). Could that possibly be the reason I see no popups on this remote client? Anyway, I'll find out soon if this is the case. Somebody will test this problem on-site tomorrow and inform me if there are popup notifications then.
  7. Hi everybody! I am having a problem with folder restoration. In restoring a deleted folder to a volume, it requires that the folder should be created manually first before files could be restored to it. Otherwise, the restored files could be redirected to another location or existing folder. The question is are there any other methods to restore a whole folder without the need to create the folder name when the original was deleted? Thank you very much in advance. -Bel
  8. Hi Amy! Thanks a lot for the info. It works now. All the best!
  9. Hi all! I am new here and still finding my way around. But I have a question I would like to ask that cannot wait. I found out after several tests that Retrospect reuses old media "only" if its backup set is removed. But old backup sets are not removed automatically after a certain period passed. How then does Retrospect handles unattended backup wherein it could reuse old media without the need of the administrator being around to confirm the reusing of a media? Is there a way to disable the prompt to reuse old media and have it automatically proceed? Any inputs are very much appreciated. Thank you.