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  1. 7.5.508 with updates on Server 2003. When I run Check Updates it offers 7.6.111. When I click More Information About This Update I get an empty page. When I download and run the update it terminates at the "Removing Applications" section with message as follows: "The path c:\windows\temp\RetroInst\Retrospect 7.5.msi cannot be found. Verify that you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package 'Retrospect 7.5.msi in a folder from which you can install the product Retrospect 7.5." This makes little sense because the product I'm trying to install is not 7.5. If I run instead of download and run, the message is slightly different: The file "C:\...Desktop\RetroInst\Retrospect 7.5.msi is not a valid installation package for the product Retrospect 7.5. Try to find the installation package "Retrospect 7.5.msi in a folder from which you can install Retrospect 7.5" It all terminates on error 1714, The Older Version of Retrospect 7.6 Cannot Be Removed, which also makes little sense, as I don't yet have 7.6. I have tried putting the requestd 7.5 msi in various folders including the unpacked installer folder. No luck.
  2. Host is iMac on 10.4.11 with all updates. Client is Macbook Pro 10.5 with all updates. Host and client run latest versions, reinstalled multiple times. Net Retry on all backup attempts regardless of scope (Users volume, just Desktop folder, etc.) or method (scripted, immediate). Small jobs never get more than a few megs of data. Large jobs never finish scanning. Head hurts.
  3. Sony AIT5. Consistently stored close to 500G on each tape for first four months of service. Usage patterns are unchanged but now tapes fill up well below 400G (around 380G). I patch regularly (hotfixed to but given the few variables involved I'm not sure if that was the right thing. Any thoughts appreciated.
  4. "Internal consistency check failed. Assertion check at 'file.c-107'." This stalled the backup, on Mac OS X v10.4.8. Anyone seen it? Thanks.
  5. Since 5.6, I've been using external LaCie drives for file backups at sites where tape drives are not available. Lately, these backups hang fairly consistently, at several different sites, and at my own computer. Most are on 7.5. Sometimes I can get it working by doing a slow NTFS format and creating a new set. But generally, after a few days, backups begin to fail again. The app will say Not Responding, and I have to restart because Task Manager won't terminate it. I have a 100G FW/USB Porsche; the other failures are occurring on 80G USBs, a 1.2 TB partitioned 800/300. In the latter case, the same backup server (running Retro 6.0 in Tiger) is delivering file backups just fine to a recent 500G and a year-old terabyte D2. I have reformatted the 1.2T drive at least twice. Worked for a while, then started locking up the machine. Other symptoms include inability to find catalog (7.5). In response, I'll select the job and try to rebuild, but the program will tell me the catalog is fine. Retrospect doesn't seem to like these drives any more. Any ideas? thx
  6. 1.6GHz G5, 10.4.7, Retro 6.0.204, File Backup to LaCie Terabyte. All get Chunk Checksum Didn't Match, 24201. Also "Internal consistency check failed: assertion check at 'elem.c-826'". Thoughts?
  7. Reduces itself to 85k and asks for code, forgets all settings. Typical working size has been 200-300k, setup is 2 years old. Restore a recent copy, run a backup or two, breaks again on next load of program. Daily. Version 6.5.319 on a 2k3 server, all OS updates done. Thoughts?
  8. Retrospect Version 6.5 on Dell PowerEdge 700 runnning Server 03 SP1. Crashing a lot; stopped doing so when we disconnected SCSI setup. Resumed when we added USB HD for file backup. Would like to reinstall clean; how can we be sure of removing all files, DLLs, registry entries etc.? Thanks
  9. Duplication is unidirectional, isn't it? If I have Duplicated folders A, B and C to an external drive, and then create folder D and delete folder C, shouldn't my target drive have folders A, B, C and D on it? I just saw a prompt indicating one hundred folders being deleted at the beginning of today's Duplicate session. Please explain. Thank you.
  10. tortured

    Norton Worm Protection

    Mac host running 5.0.238. Client 5.1 on XP. When Norton AntiVirus 2005's worm protection is turned off, I can see the client. When it is on, I cannot. help
  11. tortured

    NAV 2005 Worm protection

    Any ideas on dealing with NAV 2005 worm protection blocking Retrospect? Other than turning it off, which does work? The exceptions area is not editable, and their tech support... well. Thanks
  12. tortured

    Can't see client

    No third party firewall. XP Pro SP2 firewall port open. HP/Compaq current model which has had Windows completely reinstalled solely for this purpose, because repeated client uninstall/reinstall hasn't worked. Four other XP clients on same network OK. Have controlled for wiring, hub etc. by changing patch cables and even moving client next to sever and using crossover. Controlled for backup host problem by installing host software on another machine on another platform (actual host is Mac, host testbed was XP). We're stuck using Windows folder connection for this one client, which presents additional problems. We have dozens of this model PC in service running Retro CPL at various sites. At the point where a Windows reinstall fails to fix the problem, need real help. thx
  13. It's not that I want a sync so much as I want to know what Retrospect is up to. To the best of my knowledge I have only used Replace Corresponding, and in the process have only once seen the Deleting Files prompt. It was very brief. Typically source and target ocntain about 100G, so if I'd accidentally used Replace Entire I would have seen a marked difference in the amount of time required to back up. What do you suppose was being deleted? Does the program actually delete those files which are being replaced, rather than simply overwriting as you would do in the Finder?
  14. Sometimes when I run a Duplicate backup, it begins by deleting some files. Is Duplicate really a synchronize process? I would expect the program to move to the target those files that are not on the target, or that are newer versions of files that are on the target drive. I would expect, for example, that it would ignore additional files that were dragged ad hoc to the target, outside the supervision of Retrospect. What is being deleted? thx JB
  15. Ran a Duplicate backup on Friday night. Sunday I trip off another, just to make sure there have been no changes, because I have other housecleaning to do on the drives. I expect to see no files copied or other significant activity. However this time the dialog box says "Closing", which I have never seen before, and it displays a rapid succession of file names. The Remaining and Copied counts both remain at zero. What is being "Closed"? thx JB