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  1. I duplicate my archive backup set using a tape-to-tape transfer script with a dual-tape library. Recently I had to move my Retrospect installation to another machine due to hardware failure and I wasn't able to transfer the backup scripts although I was able to save the backup set catalog files (phew!). However I incorrectly configured the transfer script's matching options so rather than copying only the files from the most recent backup, Retrospect started copying all files again. I stopped the script partway through when I realised what was happening but now the two backup sets are 'out of sync'. I know this doesn't strictly matter but i like to have them pretty much the same. Rather than recreate the whole duplicate set again (6x LTO3 tapes, over 3 TB of data) I'd like to 'undo' the latest transfer and do it again. The way I would do this would be to delete the last two members from the duplicate backup set and run the transfer again. My question is, if I delete those last two members does the relevant info get deleted from the catalog file, i.e will Retrospect know to copy from that point forward?
  2. Another update... Having rebooted the Mac in question (I had to start up from the Install DVD to run disk utility) the back up ran OK albeit still with error -1010 as before. So, error -1010 still occured but least this time it backed up after scanning and it appeared to backup all files properly. Maybe the reboot did something that fixed what happened before, or maybe that was just a one-off. Either way, Retrospect now does continue even after an error on scanning. I'll now have a look to see if anything wasn't backed up and if I can find any files that might have caused problems. A line in the log refers to the HD:System:Library folder but it's incomplete in the log so I don't know excatly where, but I'll start off in there.
  3. Hi Robin, an update... Switching on Continue after scanning error proved inconclusive other than Retrospect did at least try to continue although curiously, after reporting error -1010 it seemed to go straight into a verfification stage. It was on this for hours so in the end I stopped the backup as it seemed to be going nowhere. Log as follows: - 01/07/2008 10:47:23: Copying Chico's OSX on Chico While scanning volume Chico's OSX, Folder Chico's OSX:System:Library:Syst..., Scanning incomplete, error -1010 (API request bad) - 01/07/2008 11:10:42: Verifying Chico's OSX on Chico 01/07/2008 13:54:37: Execution stopped by operator Remaining: 120245 files, 3.7 GB Completed: 68107 files, 2.5 GB The snapshot for this volume is very strange indeed. It's not showing a directory structure as you'd expect, just a list of files that make no sense whatsoever. I then scanned the volume with Apple's Disk Utility and it found an error which it couldn't fix: Invalid Voume File Count (265651 instead of 265652)
  4. Thanks for that, A disk check was run on the disk last week by one of my ops. I wasn't told of any errors but I'll do it again myself and see if anything comes up. I've enabled "continue after scanning errors", I'll see what happens on tonight's backup and report back tomorrow.
  5. Hi Robin Server is 7.5.508, client 6.1.130. And it's the OSX volume that's affected. Looking at the log, backup on the volume doesnn't even start,it happens on scanning.
  6. I back up three Mac clients, all have OS9 & OSX partitions. One of the Macs has just starting returning the following error when backing up the OSX partition: scanning incomplete, error -1010 (API request bad) Although I've found a couple of references to this error in the KB, neither of them refer to this environment. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this?
  7. Just recently I have been seeing the following appear in Retrospect's emailed log file: Trouble reading files, error -523 (service transaction error). This occurs on just 3 out of 24 mailboxes and in all instances, in the log, it's accompanied by the line: T-14: PtSend: cmd MbeF/msg RdBg: byte count XXXX exceeds maximum of 1024 Configuration as follows: Backup server: Win 2k, Retrospect 7.5.508 with Exchange Server add-on, + hotfix Exchange running on a seperate server: Win 2003 SBS, Retrospect client 7.5.116 Does anyone know what the problem is here and how to sort it?
  8. Any update information on this issue? I think I maybe getting the same problem - my normal backups are pretty fat!
  9. I have recently upgraded to Retrospect 7.5. I'm still trying to get to grips with the changes in 7.5, in particular the way backups are run. With this in mind I have noticed some changes to the log since upgrading from 7.0: In this particular script I backup, in this order: Local Disk E Local Disk C Windows Server (including Exchange mailboxes) Mac Client 1 Mac Client 2 Mac Client 3 First off, I have noticed that an extra line is appearing in the log in the log: - 28/07/2007 10:37:38: Verifying Local Disk (E:) - 28/07/2007 13:58:44: Copying Local Disk (E:) 28/07/2007 19:08:15: Snapshot stored, 175.4 MB Second, the log finishes with a verification phase: - 29/07/2007 05:44:09: Verifying Daily Backup_140706 29/07/2007 07:27:17: Execution completed successfully Completed: 1641003 files, 657.4 GB Performance: 2220.4 MB/minute Duration: 05:03:54 (00:00:44 idle/loading/preparing) The Verifying Local Disk line only appears in this one place, for this one volume, no other. I'm trying to work out why this is here and why only this volume. I'm assuming that this and the new verification entry are to do with the MD5 verification process that's new in 7.5. At first I thought this was an issue and was bound to add time to the total backup time but when I compared it to the last backup done with version 7.0, I was suprised to find the total duration for idle/loading/preparing was: Retro 7.0 backing up 2x local disks, 3x Mac clients : 8.5 hours Retro 7.5 same as above + 1x Windows Server Client inc Exchange : 3.5 hours Anyone have any comments on any of this or anything else to do with backup optons on 7.5? Colin
  10. colingilham

    Assertion Failure

    Hi all, can anyone shed any light on this one... I keep getting an error: Assertion failure at "provider.cpp-989" JPEG showing the error attached. The problem is device-related as it only happens when Retrospect does a Device Scan either when I access the 'configure device' dialog, press the Retrieve button on a restore, or do a backup. We use a Sony TSL-A300 4x AIT autoloader and it seems to be the case that, if no tape magazine is loaded when Retrospect does its device scan, the error occurs. If a magazine is present the error does not occur. I've only just reconnected the drive after sending it away for servicing and I don't recall having this problem before. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, first time here! I've installed Retrospect 6.5 single server on my Win 2k server and I'm trying to get the Email notification working without much success. The manual is not much help either, minimal to say the least! Firstly it would help if it were possible to test the settings by, for example, being able to force Retrospect to fire off a message - any ideas how to do that? On to the settings. I believe they are ok - the mail server DNS name is as used in another backup package (NetVault), SMTP authentification isn't needed according to our IT consultants, the 'To' email address is my own - coling@vertec-print.co.uk, the 'from' email address is Retrospect@@vertec-print.co.uk which I believe is OK. I've checked through the technotes on the website too, I can't see what might be wrong. Also does anyone know what Retrospect emails and when? Is it all activity, failures, successes, media requests? Thanks in advance