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  1. We are using the standard windows client and a TP-Link Router -which as far as I can tell doesn't have any settings that I can see that are specific to this. I did set up WINS and set the server IP on one test machine. Although it did appear in WINS on the server I still could ping or see this in Retrospect either via the hostname or direct to the IP. ~ I added the netbios server address in option 044 in DHCP for the test client, but as it's coming in via the VPN it's not even picking up the reserved IP so this reference will mean nothing?
  2. We have around 50 laptops that are either : On site LAN(.122 and .123 subnet) conencted via dock (w/IP), direct Network or Wireless (Lan link) Offsite via VPN (.122 or .123 subnet) Or offsite LAN (.3 subnet) connected via PVC to Site If they are local then Retrospect has no issues finding them and allowing me to configure the client and start the first backup. If they conenct over the VPN and even pick up a .122 or .123 IP address Retrospect won't find them and this is the same if they are conencted off-site on the .3 subnet which has a site to site VPN set up and is where Retrospect is running. If I put in the IP direct for the ones conencted over the wireless to LAN sometimes it will find them. Retrospect is running offsite on interface Gateways Site : Offsite : I'm going through the user guide and searching the forums here but was posting in the hope that somebody would nudge me in the right direction in how I cover all corners and what I should be configuring/checking to make sure this all works. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes I will look at static IP's but still this means they will only ever be backed up when on-site over the LAN. The other thing I have read is that a WINS server may resolve the VPN issue as this will act as the route to identify the machines.