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  1. Does anyone know if my Iomega ZIPCD 650 USB 4X4X6 CD/CD-RW drive is compatible with the new release of Retrospect 5 for OS X? Using the Dantz compatibility search engine, I can only get information on the Iomega ZIPCD 650 with an ATAPI interface (unqualified for Mac OS)- no USB listed. The device status info for my drive is: ID: USB:1 Vendor: IOMEGA Product: ZIPCD 650 USB Version: I2,2 Driver: IOMEGA CD-RW (1.50) I could not get this drive to work with the Retrospect OS X Preview Edition- I got a message saying the disc was write protected. This drive does work with OS X though- I've burned music cds and copied my iPhoto library. Anyone got any suggestions other than downloading the upgrade and trying a back-up??? Thanks! Jim Fleming Haiku, Maui, Hawaii