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  1. Hi, I've been attempting to get retrospect to perform nightly backups under the following conditions. Using Dave 2.5.2 to mount a windows drive on a G4 running Mac OS 9.1. Then running a backup script to attempt to backup a files drive to the mounted windows drive. Essentially this is some 8Gb of data, and would be performed nightly over the network. The small glitch is that retrospect returns an error saying that the operation could not be completed due to a 2Gb file limit. I know such a problem exists with FAT however the windows box is running NT 4 and NTFS as a file system. I also believe that AFP has a 2 Gb file limit but I've been unable to confirm this. As for Dave I've no idea how/ or what underlying protocols it uses. So here's my question what causes this problem Retrospect or something else? Any suggestions for getting around the problem? I could of course run a number of backups however how do I make sure that newly created folders don't get missed? It's maybe doable though apple script.. however that's all very messy and kinda defeats the purpose of buying retrospect. Help please.