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  1. No, the history of the client in the control panel is not getting updated at all. But when I check the media Properties/Snapshots, I can see that the files in the client machine are backed up because snapshots of the files I wanted to back up from the clients are there. It's strange, but maybe there are settings that needs to be done that I just know of nor read about?
  2. Hi! We changed to Retrospect 6.5 last week and exhausted testing the server and client versions. However, we still have problems with the notification. There are no notifications that pop up even after checking all options under the client preferences so that we will be informed when a job is completed or when no job occurred. Why still no notifications at all? What are we doing wrong? Any help and insight would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  3. Ups, sorry. What I meant with "same error happened" is that "same thing as before wherein nothing popped up, no notifications at all". Yes, even with other workstations (Windows 2000), no notifications, pop ups show up after a client was completely backed up or when it failed. So the only way of knowing the client was backed up is to go to the log and check its details and checking the media that the files from the client were backed up and are there in the media complete with the current date.
  4. I am using the client version 6.0 and yes, I tried installing it to other clients, and uninstalling/rebooting/installing it anew in the other workstation and same error happened. Is it a buggy client or what's wrong?
  5. The settings under the clien'ts preferences, such as: Notify after backup, Notify when no backup happened after n days, and Backup as soon as possible options. I checked the Notifications so I will receive notifications and backup as soon as possible and clicked Apply and Ok on the client. On the backup server, I click refresh and checked the settings on the client again. It is not what I saved anymore, but it was all back to the default settings.
  6. Hi! From the Retrospect backup server's Configure>Clients, Properties > General, when I click on Refresh (to refresh the connection to the client), the client settings are removed and reset back to defaults. Is this normal of Retrospect 6.0? or is this a bug? I just wanted to refresh the connection, hopefully to make it faster, not to reset all the settings for the client. Does anyone know how to keep the client settings intact even after clicking refresh as mentioned? Thank you very much.
  7. I am using Retrospect client version 6.0 . I am running it on Windows 2000 advanced server.
  8. Hi there! What did you do so that the client notification pops up? I've been trying to make this work for days by checking on the boxes under preferences in the client found in the Control Panel so it will notify me after a backup is done but it does not or no notification pops up at all. How did you make it work? Thanks
  9. Hi! I was backing up a client running in Windows 2000 and set it to be backed up as early as possible, and checked all the notification buttons under preferences wherein I will be notified after the backup, if it's not backed up after n days, and if it has S.M.A.R.T errors. It was backed up successfully with a proactive backup script several times on different days but no notification is showing up, nothing at all. What's wrong? Are there other settings I need to do? I don't want to use email notification, but just the notification after backup options. What should I do to make it work and pop me some info after a backup job? Thanks a bunch.