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  1. Thank you for letting us know you found it AND wrote where you found it.
  2. Lennart_T

    Backup set located on site to site VPN

    You are allowed, but it would be a performance bottleneck. The catalog file access can be very intense.
  3. Lennart_T


    I suggest you try a proactive script for laptops. That script will poll for the presence of any laptop on the network and start the backup as soon as it is available. https://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/mac/operations#proactiveai-backup
  4. Lennart_T


    What will you be backing up? A laptop that might not be connected for la long time? Then a disk-to-disk-to-could backup would be good. A server idling anyway during the night? Then direct to cloud is easiest.
  5. Lennart_T

    Retrospect 17 and low-end users

    Don't try to fix what isn't broken. If Retrospect is doing everything you need it to do, there is no reason to upgrade.
  6. Interesting. I was indeed right.
  7. No, not in the "Summary" pane. Try the "Options" pane. Also try what I wrote in a previous reply.
  8. I think (not sure) that you should double-click the catalog file (in Windows Explorer) while the backup is NOT running.
  9. Lennart_T

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    My best guess is that you got a (temporary) read error from the disk during the verify. An error that is not repeatable. The MD5 digest is stored either in the catalog file or in the backup set itself. It is created/stored during the backup. What happens if you run the verify again? How is the disk connected to the computer? (USB isn't one of the most reliable types of connection.)
  10. Lennart_T

    Chipset Driver update broke Retrospect

    That will not be very informative 6 months (or more) from now.
  11. Lennart_T

    Files backed up again

    I found a solution, which work since this is just a data disk, not a system disk.
  12. Lennart_T

    Errors when laptop not connected

    Can you post that part of the log?
  13. Lennart_T

    Errors when laptop not connected

    You should get only one error and that is -530. What do you get?
  14. Lennart_T

    Files backed up again

    Hello and thanks for answering. A bit of digging revealed: "ext4" No, I did not. Yes (even within the same second) and yes. Only two files inside an application package (and they are quite small). I will try SSH later. I do have both the original disk I copied over to the NAS as well as backups. Do you think turning up logging in the "secret settings" will show anything useful? I will try a favo(u)rite folder with that. Regards, Lennart