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  1. Issues with using optical disks in Retrospect 15

    I'm not a business, either. I have one of my personal backup drives in a drawer at work, the other in a small self-storage facility where I have lots of other stuff. I could also store it at a friend's house. Long term storage is a real problem. The only solution is either to carve the information in stone or to copy to newer media once every few years.
  2. Issues with using optical disks in Retrospect 15

    I always buy my disks in sets of three. I rotate them regularly and the disks I'm not currently using are stored off site. When they are full, I retire them and buy a new set. That happens about every three years or so. My current set on three 4TB drives started in 2016 and I still have 500 GB free on each of them. Nowadays you can buy large disks for pocketmoney, compared to just a few years ago. How much is a 4TB disk per GB compared to your DVDs? And is your time really worthless? (You must spend more time struggling with and shifting of optical discs than you would be using hard drives.)
  3. UUID= Universal Unique IDentifier Retrospect needs to make a difference between two different volumes (even if they use the same hardware). So the answer is probably "no".
  4. Your "new" NAS might have a different software version, making the file's metadata look different. For that reason, Retrospect does not see your files on the "new" NAS as identical (in all respects) with the files on your "old" NAS. At least that's my theory about what happened.
  5. Years ago, with an older Retrospect, an older Windows and an older LTO drive, the solution was to disable the tape station (and loader) in Windows Device Manager. That way Retrospect was able to find and use the LTO drive and loader. Hope this (still) helps.
  6. Restore to a different folder

    When you restore "files and folders", you can only select the destination volume. The restore will be placed in a new folder on that volume and the folder will be named after the backup set name. In your case: C:\BackupSetName\Folder1\Contents of folder1 After the restore is finished, you can (in Windows Explorer) create C:\Folder5. Then move the restored files there and finally delete the (now) empty folders C:\BackupSetName\Folder1
  7. Restore from Cloud Backup

    It would probably help if you posted the log from the restore attempt. At the very least the error message and other relevant information.
  8. You could run TeamViewer (or equivalent) to control the Mac "Server" from any PC or Mac.
  9. Cannot recatalog backups

    I suggest you open a support case with Retrospect Support. https://www.retrospect.com/en/support This forum is mainly a user-to-user forum and it's very hard to help you with such a problem.
  10. David is right, Copy Media Set is the way to go.
  11. only scan specific folders

    The scan time is not dependent of the amount of data, it depends only on the amount of files. So if folder 1 contains 10 files of 1TB each, it would scan very fast. I would do something like this: 1) Have 5 folders at the root level, folders 1-5. 2) Set the permissions so that no new folders can be created at the root level of the volume, only inside the existing folders. Short term projects would have to be created inside folder 5 (as they can't be created as a folder 6 at root level). 3) Create 5 subvolumes, one for each root folder. 4) Create scripts for each subvolume. When running the scripts, only the subvolume will be scanned.
  12. 1 Raid 10 vs multiple raid 1 members

    When you recycle, you recycle the entire backup set and all its members. You do not recycle just one member. You should instead consider "grooming", which is a process where the oldest backups are groomed out, making more space in the backup set. I assume that your "archival media" is stored off site. You could use cheap USB disks for this. Think fire, theft, flooding, lightning, hurricanes, you name it. As for RAID, when using RAID 1, you lose half the capacity. I would go for RAID 5 or RAID 6. You can set up as many logical volumes on the RAID disk as you like. You could have three of them, each being larger than the RAID 1 disks you propose.
  13. Sorry, I don't use Onedrive and I don't have FCU installed, so I can't help with your specific problem.
  14. Retrospect 11.5 is not supported for Windows 10 Fall Creators update. You need Retrospect 12. https://www.retrospect.com/win10
  15. Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

    From the top of my head (as I don't have Retrospect for Windows where I am at the moment): (I assume you have already copied the backup set files (.rdb files etc) to their new location.) Go to Configure and then Backup Sets. Select the backup set in question. Go to the pane Members. There should be a button the select the new location of the backup set files.