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  1. Lennart_T

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    My best guess is that you got a (temporary) read error from the disk during the verify. An error that is not repeatable. The MD5 digest is stored either in the catalog file or in the backup set itself. It is created/stored during the backup. What happens if you run the verify again? How is the disk connected to the computer? (USB isn't one of the most reliable types of connection.)
  2. Lennart_T

    Chipset Driver update broke Retrospect

    That will not be very informative 6 months (or more) from now.
  3. Lennart_T

    Files backed up again

    I found a solution, which work since this is just a data disk, not a system disk.
  4. Lennart_T

    Errors when laptop not connected

    Can you post that part of the log?
  5. Lennart_T

    Errors when laptop not connected

    You should get only one error and that is -530. What do you get?
  6. Lennart_T

    Files backed up again

    Hello and thanks for answering. A bit of digging revealed: "ext4" No, I did not. Yes (even within the same second) and yes. Only two files inside an application package (and they are quite small). I will try SSH later. I do have both the original disk I copied over to the NAS as well as backups. Do you think turning up logging in the "secret settings" will show anything useful? I will try a favo(u)rite folder with that. Regards, Lennart
  7. I run Retrospect 15.6.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.6. I had my media files (audio and video) on an external USB hard drive connected to my Airport Extreme. I did have some problems with unchanged files being backed up again and again, but I didn't really investigate since I was about to buy a NAS. Now I have a Synology DS218j as a NAS server. The audio and video files were copied over to the NAS, 2.1 TB in total. Then I ran a Retrospect backup with the Synology volume as the source to a media set that I had been using. 1.7 TB of files were backed up. Fair enough, since the metadata probably has changed. Then I immediately tried another backup from the Synololgy to the same media set. Retrospect wanted to backup a whopping 723 GB again. Why? What is going on? Is there a way to get Retrospect to tell me why it thinks it needs to backup all those files and what can I do about it? Bonus question: Is there a utility that can check and correct the file dates (for instance) so they are not somewhere in the future? I have TechTool Pro 11, but that does not seems to do the trick.
  8. Have you done any changes on the selector "All files"? If "yes", check those changes. If "No", I would check the source disk(s) with CHKDSK or something more powerful.
  9. It is 100% true, but it would have been more clear if the backup set name was within single or double quotes, such as: from Backup Set "Drives C D and V"
  10. Lennart_T

    Incorrect tapes names and possible overwriting tapes

    That would not help as all preferences, barcode data, catalog files etc would not change. You may want to try this: https://www.retrospect.com/au/support/kb/clearing_library_barcode_information
  11. Lennart_T

    Incorrect tapes names and possible overwriting tapes

    I do not think so. Retrospect goes a long way making sure it does not overwrite a tape. The label is only for your information, it isn't really used by Retrospect to distinguish different tapes from each other. Either the two tapes has identical labels or the barcode reader acted up and misread one of the labels. (That is my theory. at least.) Your second screen shot does not show more than the first tape. Where are the other two? I remember the bug where Retrospect marked more than one slot as containing a cleaning tape. I do not know if it was fixed as I no longer work for the company that used a tape library. You should be able to mark the slot as NOT containing a cleaning tape, but I no longer remember how. Sorry.
  12. "Source Speed: The speed of the source volume is the single most important factor in determining streaming tape capacity. Each time the buffer in the drive runs out of data to copy, an "underrun" occurs and unused tape streams on by, wasting raw tape capacity. The more underruns, the greater the reduction in capacity." https://www.retrospect.com/au/support/kb/tape_capacity_faq For an offsite backup, you really should perform a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup (as already suggested).
  13. Lennart_T

    unistall engine

    Neither can I, when I look in my own folder. It seems as Retrospect needs to update its user guide.
  14. Lennart_T

    unistall engine

  15. Lennart_T

    Unknown Windows error 343 after SSD upgrade

    Since there are different methods of accessing the filesystem at program level, it might be that Retrospect uses another method than other programs. (Where the other method(s) does not cause an error, while Retrospect's method does.) The errors does indicate a problem reading the disk. ("can't read, error -1001" "MapError" "can't read data, BackupRead failed") What if you try Clonezilla to clone the disk to another disk? Perhaps the old SSD. Or try another piece of (backup)software that copies all files from the disk.