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  1. Not necessarily. It is just the last link in a long chain of things that can go wrong. See it as the messenger, if you wish. Too bad the catalog file isn't a simple text file. That way you could have opened it in Notepad (for instance) and see if you could make changes and save. By the way, do you have more than one version of Retrospect installed? Both could be running and one could be locking the catalog file from the other. Maybe you have anti-virus software installed that interferes with Retrospect.
  2. Here is my theory, for what it is worth: When copying from the old G to the new G, you got some incorrect permissions copied as well. Copying to C and back corrected these permissions, by forcing the default C-drive permissions onto the folder (or file).
  3. Yes, indeed. Hopefully(?) it was this bad drive that caused all your problems.
  4. It appears the Microsoft (nowadays?) calls it "finding bad sectors". https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/chkdsk The command is: chkdsk /r
  5. Did that coincide with a Windows Update? ...and with the Retrospect problems starting? Did you do a surface scan also? If not, please do.
  6. I still think something has gone wrong with the permissions. Does Retrospect run as the logged in user, or as another user (set up in Retrospect's Preferences)? If you run (for instance) Notepad or MS Word as the same user as Retrospect is running, can you create and edit a document in the same folder as where the catalog file is?
  7. And the G drive is located where? Internal disk, USB local disk or a network disk?
  8. I think the cause of all your problems is what the last error says: "insufficient permissions" (or maybe incorrect permissions). Where is the catalog file stored?
  9. You could first use a "Copy Backup" script, to copy the backups you want. Page 137 in the User's Guide. http://download.retrospect.com/docs/mac/v16/user_guide/Retrospect_Mac_User_Guide-EN.pdf The you could remove the backups from the old Media set. Finally you can run a Groom Script to retrieve the space from the old Media Set.
  10. I do want to reply to that statement. You wrote to David in what I think is a demanding tone "How about starting with the client having (2) NICs and tell us how to get the Retrospect server to connect to a specific client NIC." English is not my native language, so I may have misunderstood. It is a common mistake in these forums to believe they ARE the official support, so I provided you with the fact they are not. And then I wrote that IF you want proper support, this isn't the right place. I wrote that with a good intension.
  11. In case you didn't know: This is (mainly) a user-to-user forum, not Retrospect Support. To get (official) support, please start here: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/edition
  12. Try grooming optimized for storage (instead of optimized for performance). I have noticed that optimized for performance leaves too many files left in the backup set. On the other hand, I don't have 50 GB files in my backups so I can't guarantee it will work for you.
  13. I say it would be feasible to use the trial version. Or you could your client's license, provided they remove it for that period of time. Or you could buy Retrospect Solo, the cheapest (unbundled) version ever (I think).