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  1. I do want to reply to that statement. You wrote to David in what I think is a demanding tone "How about starting with the client having (2) NICs and tell us how to get the Retrospect server to connect to a specific client NIC." English is not my native language, so I may have misunderstood. It is a common mistake in these forums to believe they ARE the official support, so I provided you with the fact they are not. And then I wrote that IF you want proper support, this isn't the right place. I wrote that with a good intension.
  2. In case you didn't know: This is (mainly) a user-to-user forum, not Retrospect Support. To get (official) support, please start here: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/edition
  3. Try grooming optimized for storage (instead of optimized for performance). I have noticed that optimized for performance leaves too many files left in the backup set. On the other hand, I don't have 50 GB files in my backups so I can't guarantee it will work for you.
  4. I say it would be feasible to use the trial version. Or you could your client's license, provided they remove it for that period of time. Or you could buy Retrospect Solo, the cheapest (unbundled) version ever (I think).
  5. I work with C++, Pascal, C# and Dataflex. All of them have development software that are some MB to download. But the code you write is quite small, by comparison. And in my world, a database dump is not SQL. Themes, plugins and database dumps are (usually) not easily compressed, which can be seen in the log: 1% compression. So thanks for the clarification. I understand better now.
  6. Let me put it this way. Assuming your code and SQL scripts contains about the same amount of space as the whole contents of the bible. That would be a huge amount of code, actually. But it would still be only about 3.5 MB. Yes, it compresses easily, but in terms of space use it is negligible compare to 6 TB.
  7. Come to think of it, are you sure it's a DLT drive and not an LTO drive? LTO-6 has a native capacity of 2.5 TB and a compressed capacity of 6.25 TB (assuming 2.5:1 ratio). In reality such high level of compression is rarely achieved. Many types of files are already compressed today: All video files, most image files, word processing documents, PDFs just to name a few. 3 tapes times 2.5 TB=7.5 TB and that is enough for your about 6 TB of data. It is a bit strange that the capacity varies widely between your media sets. Do they consist of different kind of tapes? Also I'm not sure how Retrospect actually calculates "Free" and "Capacity". It might be a miscalculation there. If so, there is probably not a waste of capacity as I wrote earlier, as a local RAID would be fast enough to feed data to the tape drive. Yes, Retrospect stopped because it encountered an irrecoverable error with the last tape. It might be a tape that has gone bad or you just need to run a cleaning tape. The error was "Trouble writing", so it can't be trouble reading the RAID.
  8. Retrospect writes each tape until it reaches the end-of-tape marker or until it encounters an unrecoverable error. It would be interesting to see if the log shows any errors. If the data is not fed to the tape drive as fast as the tape drive needs it, the tape station will write empty blocks on the tape, reducing the capacity. It looks like there is a lot of wasted space on members 1 and 2. What is the source of the backup? A fast local disk? Clients on a slow network? Clients on a fast network?
  9. Lennart_T

    R16 really slow backups

    Did this (exact) setup work with a previous version of Retrospect? (And the ONLY change is a new Retrospect version?)
  10. Lennart_T

    R16 really slow backups

    How long time does it take to copy a 600MB file from one of the computers to the Synology using the Finder?
  11. Lennart_T

    Cannot recycle disk

    Thank you for reporting back and thank you for the nice words. I'm glad I could help.
  12. Lennart_T

    Why out of space?

    Good Or as we say in Sweden: SBS (Skit Bakom Spakarna.) Ah. That explains it. I didn't know that.
  13. Lennart_T

    Why out of space?

    You may encounter a bottleneck if you run too many backups at the same time. Isn't it difficult with so many media sets? Why not use just one, since they wind up in the same destination anyway? Also, I hope you also have an off-site backup. How does the "Member" property look for those volumes? One of mine looks like this: Why doesn't all of them show "Capacity 22 TB" in your (first) screen shot?
  14. Lennart_T

    Why out of space?

    I found this old thread: ...where it says: If you have a spare 500 GB drive, you can check if Retrospect still works that way. 25 media sets on the same volume???