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  1. I missed the word "Client" in your first post, so I looked at my Retrospect server and did not find any such entries. Now I looked on my client and I indeed got the same log messages as you. I have never been bothered by them (obviously as I have never noticed them before ). I haven't found a way to turn them off. If it really is a problem (and not just a minor cosmetic flaw), I suggest you contact Retrospect Support.
  2. What is the connection between the system log entires and Retrospect? Can we have a few samples of the full log line?
  3. Is TubeDrive your boot drive? Does the problem persist after a safe boot (and a normal boot after that)?
  4. I'm out of ideas, so contacting Retrospect support would probably be a good idea.
  5. It is interesting to note that on the 18th, Retrospect found 55150 files. On the next day, Retrospect found only 55104 files. This leads me to believe there are problems with the disk's directory (the E: disk). Try repairing the disk. https://windowsinstructed.com/run-chkdsk-windows/
  6. Lennart_T

    Retrospect error -1103

    This might help: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/scanning_incomplete_1103
  7. Lennart_T

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    The problem is not with the files itself, it is the state of the files (such as permissions or ACLs). That's why you can backup the files themselves. DiskWarrior (as good as it is) does not repair permissions. Apple is supposed to repair permissions on the fly, so they removed that ability from its Disk Utility. Did your SAN come with a utility that can repair permissions (or anything else) on the volumes? I would run it and see if it can repair anything.
  8. In the log it says how many files there are and how many that were selected by your selector. Is there any (significant) difference in the number of files? The files on E that were not backed up, are they completely new files? Or are they files that were copied from D to E after being backed up from D? You could try a "Restore Files and Folders" and see if you could restore one of those files.
  9. I would do this: Rename the drive to its old name, so you won't confuse yourself. Recreate the catalog file from the backup on that drive. Since it has the same name as your original backup, you have to fotget the old catalog file. Now you should be able to restore your files. In the future, let Retrospect "Transfer backups" from your backup to your backup's backup. That way you could restore from either backup set.
  10. Lennart_T

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Sorry. In the old days, you could not search for a folder. At least that's how I remember it. I had not realized you can nowadays. The yellow exclamation sign is a sign of trouble. In this case it's probably the lack of metadata such as permission or ACLs missing from the backup, not the files itself.
  11. Lennart_T

    printing the content of a media set

    Not that I'm aware off. A Media set typically contains hundreds of thousands of files. You would have to print thousands of pages.
  12. Lennart_T

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    How did you do the "search restore"? I see now what the problem is: You can't search for a folder. You have to search for a file within that folder. Is the backup listed in the Media set's list of "snapshots"?
  13. To avoid recycling, you can try this: 1. Set Retro to retain (say) the 15 last backups. 2. Perform a groom operation. 3. If not enough space was regained, repeat steps 1-2 with a lower value. 4. (Important) Set Retro back to the defined policy. If all else fails, buy a larger hard drive, they are cheap nowadays.
  14. I think you have misread the rules of the defined policy. There is no mention of "past year", only "each previous month". From the Retro Mac User Guide (My emphasis):
  15. Lennart_T

    Error 1103 After Windows Update 1809

    This might help: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/scanning_incomplete_1103