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  1. It's not just a question of modified dates. It can be any date. I have seen files where the creation date is later than the modified date. I know it should not happen, but it did. The following was written years ago. I expect more file meta-data is being checked nowadays, especially changes in ACL/ACE. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/secauthz/access-control-lists
  2. Check the dates of the files. If one of the dates are inte future, they will always be seen as modified since the last backup. Also check the dates of the containing folder(s). Come to think of it, if the links are (re)created every day or at every boot, that is probably the answer.
  3. What happens if you copy the .rdb files in the Finder instead of using Retrospect? (Just as a test to see if the raid drive unmounts.)
  4. You almost got it right. I did have a long-time job that included administrating a Retrospect Windows installation (with Windows and Mac clients, about 60 in total). I did get laid off and got a new job that includes administrating a small workgroup's Windows backups. I have had a Mac installation at home, starting with version 6 and CD-Rs. Now I'm at version 15.6 with hard drives.
  5. I have been using Retrospect Mac since version 3 and Retrospect Windows since version 6.5. Nowadays, I only use Retro Mac at home for two computers (one client) and a NAS. I use Retro Windows at work with four computers (three clients). Both with Disk Media/Backup Sets. Gone are the days with dozens of computers, servers and tape libraries.
  6. Lennart_T

    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    Doh. Once again I have failed to notice that this is the Windows discussion. Sorry about that.
  7. It's during the matching. The first thing to try is to repair the hard drive on Akumar's iMac, but I don't really think it would help. At least it can't hurt. https://support.apple.com/guide/disk-utility/repair-a-disk-dskutl1040/mac If that doesn't help, try to "Repair" the media set (in Retrospect). If that doesn't help, try "Rebuild" the media set (in Retrospect).
  8. What does Retrospect do when you get the message? Scanning? Matching? Copying files? Posting the log file from that backup will give us some useful info (hopefully ).
  9. Lennart_T

    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    The catalog file is like an index in a book. The book's chapters are your backups. Creating a new index (catalog file) will not change the book's (backup set's) contents. Retrospect takes very good care of your backups. It never overwrites anything without giving a proper warning, like this one.
  10. Retrospect 6? That was a long time ago. See if I remember correctly. Is it a file backup set or a disk media set? I do not think you can add a new member to a file backup set. For a disk backup set, you can probably add a new member manually. Or you can have disk 1 disconnected when the script runs and Retrospect will ask you what to do. Then you should be able to add the new disk as a new member.
  11. Lennart_T

    Corrupt Header??

    Try rebuilding the media set, not just repairing.
  12. Lennart_T

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    Ooops. Sorry about that. There is a dashboard in later versions of Retrospect for Windows. I did not realize it had a different name (dashboard vs. console). Sorry again.
  13. Lennart_T

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    It might be in the console itself? https://www.retrospect.com/en/products/management_console?locale=en (I don't have the Windows version of Retrospect here, so I can't check myself until Thursday next week.)
  14. Lennart_T

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    Did you read the post? It seems as you missed something: "You can also change your opt preferences at any time in Preferences > Console."