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  1. Hi Mayoff, and thank you for your reply. I am a little confused by your comment ''You can then renew the ASM contact at the end of the year for less then the cost of a standard upgrade.'' The Upgrade I am offered is over $100 more for the ASM contract than the standard upgrade so I don't quite follow your reasoning. I also looked on your link for the upgrade possibilities and I could have got the free upgrade that you offer for purchased in February but I purchased at the end of January. I know it has to start somewhere but I'm really miffed about force you are exerting to spend and then start adding subscriptions. All very disappointing really. However, thanks for your reply. I guess I will just have to look for other products that aren't quite as 'nasty' to little people. Have a good day.
  2. Just wondered if anyone can help me justify the cost of the latest Retrospect upgrade to Mac13. I purchased Mac12.5 less than 12 months ago and now it is more money to keep up to date. Come on Retrospect – less than 12 months is a joke to pay again. Small business can't keep affording these upgrades. And then there is DROPBOX. Retrospect has proudly announced that it is now a Dropbox Partner. As a Dropbox user I was keen to see how I can use the new set up. Basically I can't... As a small business with just 2 Macs I would need to use Dropbox for Business. Dropbox for Business is not really what it states. On the website is says – see below – which is a completely misleading statement as far as I'm concerned. ''file saving and sharing tool for as little as £9.17/user/month.''Silly me thinking that I could sign us both up to Dropbox for Business but then you get hit with the news that it has a minimum of 5 users and is £500 per year. Is it me or did the website say £9.17 per user per month? SO, with having to pay again for Retrospect and the outrageous misleading statement from Dropbox for Business we are beaten in to submission and won't be using either. This is another kick in the teeth for small business... do these big companies not realise the SME market place and how many small businesses there are out here. Rant over.