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  1. I'm sure people have run into this situation before, but I can't find it easily by Search in the forums: I just upgraded a source external HD with an external SSD and cloned the files over, and I set aside the old drive. Retrospect 16 recognizes the clone as a new drive. When I replace the old source in a backup script with the new drive, will the backup recognize that the files are the same as from the old drive? Or will the backup start copying the files over to the media set as if they were from an entirely new drive? If the latter, what do I do to make the backup of the old drive be inherited by the new drive?
  2. Apologies if this topic is already in these forums or in the documentation. It seemed like it should already be covered. I tried searching, assuming it was a common topic, but I couldn't locate an answer: I lost a hard drive's partition information entirely, and rather than attempt to use a repair utility to try to rebuild the drive, I decided to restore all of the files to a fresh hard drive from the most recent backup. Once I recover the volume from backup, I want to put the recovered drive into service entirely replacing the corrupted drive. If I swap out the old drive with the new drive in Retrospect's backup scripts, will my next backup of the restored drive recognize that almost all of the files already exist in the recent backup (media set) and do only an incremental backup of the restored drive? Or will it try to do a complete backup of the restored drive?