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  1. Ok so the user profile has to be logged in on the server for retrospect to run? Also, is there a solution for when the on site personnel forget to change the tapes? Like making the nightly job run anyways no matter the set (your 'proactive' method mentioned above), or more desireably canceling that scheduled run of the script if the correct backup set isn't present, and moving to the next scheduled run. @david - I dont brush my hair! haha but yes I will try to stop thinking 'tapes'
  2. Hello, I currently have version Retrospect 8.1.0 backing up a single server. We have a schedule to backup every night M-F to a tape using an RD1000. A new tape is put in every day, so 5 different tapes. Have noticed that the backup stopped working and have been troubleshooting a few things.(Was setup by someone else) The main issue right now is that we want the tape to be erased before each new backup if possible. I assumed this was what the recycle action was for and have been trying to get it to work but it seems to just stay in waiting for recycle. If that is not possible then I assume we can look at the grooming feature. There is only one script. There is only one backup set. Any help with this is greatly appreciated as its my first time dealing with retrospect!
  3. And i do thank you guys for the help and information provided. I believe we have them running ok for the most part. I do have a question though. If for some reason the user is logged out on the server, I don't believe retrospect will run the scheduled backup. I've been leaving the program open and just locking the user account just in case. Is there a way to make it run in the background? Also, how does retrospect act if the user forgets to change out the tapes? For example, I have another server that runs a backup on MWF overnight using the same hardware and software as above. I set it up just like advised but only the 3 days. Last Fridays backup ran but when i checked today it appeared the user was logged out and when opening retrospect, it tried to run mondays schedule. I also noticed that Mondays tape is still in today so I think the person in charge of it is forgetting. Is there anyway around this?
  4. Thank you sir. I redid all the sets as disk and it ran last night. Will monitor next week to make sure it recycles! I believe the majority of the errors produced are for open files, for which I see a license is required. One of the open files being their ever important quickbooks company file. So I will have to speak with them on how they want to proceed. Side question, does the user profile have to be signed in/locked and retrospect open in order to run? I ask because I had another server I had set up some backups in a similar fashion but logged off by habit and it did not run but tried to when i signed back in to check it.
  5. Ok Thank you, I will redo all the backup sets and see what it does tonight. To confirm I am creating 5 separate 'disk' backup sets and scheduling them for each day of the week respectively and setting the action to 'recycle' when setting up the schedule.
  6. Thanks for the responses. David, There are actually multiple options when creating the backup sets, disk, removeable disk, and then file. When setting the 5 different sets up as Lennart suggested, I did use the removable disk option as the description actually includes RDX. These options are seen here. So should we still define the sets as disk backup sets? Again we want them to erase before backing up. I will do this now and await yalls response and monitor tonights backup.
  7. So I got on remotely a little bit after it was initially supposed to start and it was prompting me to select the disk to backup to before continuing. I'm guessing it is gonna do this every night for the first week? I selected the correct removeable disk, it changed the name of it, then began. Checked this morning and it completed with 228 errors. There a way to see what these are? It appeared to fill the whole 500 GB disk up but stated there was only 105 GB to backup. All the files are labeled Restropect Data, Retrospect Data 002, etc. This correct? Sorry for all the questions but I'm new to it! Also is there a way to make the tape eject when done? Thank you!
  8. To my knowledge these are the only local backups, there is also an offsite that runs. Also, they are RD1000 Removable Disk, not tapes, my mistake. I'm guess it is still setup the same way, just select removable disk instead of tape when creating each backup set? Here is a picture of what it looks like now. http://imgur.com/veUectO