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  1. Ah, this looks to be the case. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the response, Scillonian.
  2. Was trying to restore my Windows 10 machine that serves as my home file server (RAID 5 array, separate from Win volume) by doing a clean install of Win 10. Previously, this box had Win7 running and the "free" upgrade to Win 10 was implemented with no problems. Retro 10 found all devices, no problems. Backups ran normally. After a crash of the hard drive with the Win 10 system on it, whenever I do a clean reload of Win 10 the Quantum LTO-5 tape drive is not found or listed in Retrospect's "Devices". Windows Device Manager DOES see the tape drive and correctly lists it and shows the drive as working normally. In addition, the LSI HBA card (SAS) the tape drive is attached to is also listed correctly and show normal operation. After upgrading to Retro 11 and now 11.5, the tape drive still does not appear in the "Devices" list after a clean install of Win 10. If I load Win7, no problems noted, the drive does appear in the devices list of Retro. Is there something special about Win 10 that needs to be done to get Retro to find the Quantum LTO-5 drive? Many thanks -
  3. I reloaded 10.5.0 (110) on to my file server due to lockups and reboots that were occurring after Retrospect ran after midnight. The Win7 Event Viewer showed problems with Retrospect - missing files or something like that. It had a recommendation to reinstall. After reinstalling, all the backup sets were still there, along with licenses, so I brought up the clients to run a test for communication and all three had errors - "512 - Client has incompatible version." All the clients have version 10.5.0(110) and there were minimal problems with backups prior to reinstalling. I tried rebooting all computers, and on one system I reinstalled the the client and rebooted, etc. Still same error message. I've tried running the client "Test" function using direct IP address - same message. Has anybody seen anything like this? UPDATE: Turns out when I reinstalled version 10, I installed 10.0.0 - so the message was correct - incompatible versions. I had forgotten that I used the built-in update feature to update the program. Used that feature again to get the version correct - 10.5.0 SOLVED.