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  1. Hi! I installed the last version of Retrospect on Mac mini Server and I want to do the best onsite / offsite disks rotation solution. I figured out you need to create « Media Set A » and « Media Set B », one for each HD. I did a quick test and the HD don't eject automatically. I create this solution for a customer and the server is not accessible with a screen and keyboard. I just labelled « HD A » and « HD B ». I want to simply ask a person to unplug the « HD A » a specific day, and plug the « HD B » and this rotation every week with no more than this interaction from the customer. I was not able to find out how to auto eject the HD in the preference except the opposite in Media -> Don't eject removable disks (already unchecked). Do you have suggestions/screenshots for the best practice, scripts and configurations for this simple onsite/offsite backup. Last time I used Retrospect was late '90 with tape auto ejecting. Thank you in advance for your help. Frédéric