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  1. Hi, was there any resolution to this issue? I am also seeing: *File "FILENAME": can't read, error -1,101 (file/directory not found) This is after an upgrade to both Mojave and Retrospect v16.0.0. There are seemingly no issues in the Finder as the original poster mentioned in his case. Any tips appreciated. -- madison
  2. Thanks, Scillonian and Mayoff. A few more questions: 1) It seems that the first run in v13 produced a lot of .session files -- I assume this represents the substrates for a catalog rebuild for the previously backed-up material (more or less what you are saying if one had deleted the .session files). 2) It seems to create a new ".session" file for each new backup run, right? 3) For Cloud backup then, or even just a normal offsite backup of a standard Disk media set -- are the .session files sufficient in and of themselves such that one would not need to archive the catalog offsite as well? There's nothing else Retrospect would need for a restore, correct? 4) Is there an advantage ('cept for speed) of having the original Catalog file handy? It would be great if this stuff made it's way into the official documentation, but again, perhaps I missed it. Regards, -- madison
  3. Since I have done the v13 upgrade, I have been seeing ".session" files stored along with the ".rdb" files in my Disk Media Set. I searched the documentation and the other forum postings for an explanation, but have come up short. My apologies if I'm missing something here. What are these ".session" files? Regards, -- madison