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  1. Hello, My email provider requires port 2525 be used for SMTP SSL. Unfortunately Retrospect provides no email control other than a username and password. SoftRAID; another Mac product from the 1990s that is making a comeback, provides all of the modern day email support one needs. Why not Retrospect?
  2. Tried telling Retrospect to backup only the mac file path to the Parallels folder, tried only file types of .pvm. Tried specific file names. No go. Thoughts?
  3. So far I've had one client that dropped off appear again, after 30 minutes or so. The machine isn't in use, not sure what keeps it from responding. The machine is in good health.
  4. organisum

    Forum Search (is there one)

    Latest Safari in Mac OS 10.10. Firefox works OK.
  5. organisum

    Forum Search (is there one)

    I have the search icon on the home page, but when I switch to the forums, it disappears. And I can't reply to a topic, the "Post" button won't work. I have to quote for it to work.
  6. This is happening on two installs now. Both version 13 server for Mac. Mac clients are suddenly becoming inaccessible. Uninstalling and reinstalling the client restores function. Proactive backups not happening on another server.
  7. organisum

    Forum Search (is there one)

    Hm, I don't see it there.
  8. I don't see a search button for the forum, am I missing it somewhere?