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  1. Thanks Scillonian, you're absolutely right! How stupid of me. Thanks so much for your help Cheers, Stu
  2. hi there - sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find an area for Retrospect 5. I'm having trouble searching and retrieving tiff or PSD files. When I search for a particular folder it only shows up the Indesign or Quark files in that folder and doesn't show tiffs, jpegs or PSD files. BUT when i search for a particular tiff file name that's in the same folder - it shows it's there. Can anyone help? Thank you
  3. Hi all - does anyone have any more thoughts on solving this? Thanks, Stu
  4. Thank you. What I wanted to be able to do is search for a folder (Matt Smith) and then see everything within that folder. At the moment it's not showing me anything but the Indesign files within that folder. And yet when I search for an image by name it's showing it is within that folder
  5. Hi David - see screen photos attached. If I search for files and folders for PEACOCK0175A called 'Matt Smith' I don't get to see any tif, jpeg or psd files in that folder, it only shows indesign files. If I then search for a specific image name in the same folder it shows up Cheers, Stu
  6. Thanks so much David, i’ll try it again tomorrow and make a note of each step. Cheers
  7. Thanks Twickland and thank you David! All working now. I went to... Restore Search For Files And Folders More Open and then added each tape from the Backups Folder - each tape still contained all the info of what was on it Fantastic! Thanks again for all your help guys
  8. hi there - I wonder if anyone can help me. I had an error come up on Retropspect startup saying that it couldn't open the Retro.Config (5.0) file. I read on here to remove it from the library and so did that Now it starts up OK but when I go onto 'Restore' and Search for Files and Folders' it only shows one tape title and yet there should be about 350. There is an option to click 'More' which gives a 'Rebuild' option but I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for any help Cheers, Stu
  9. Ah I seeeeeee. Yes the drive I have doesn't work on anything more up to date than a G4. I'll read through the link you very kindly supplied above and see if I can get that to work. Thanks again for your help David. Stu
  10. Thanks David - there is no cloak and dagger involved. I worked for a company (Peacock) that went into voluntary liquidation and with my boss's consent was given all the backup tapes to continue the work with the same clients. I design album covers and often need to retrieve old files from this system if the album is going to be re-released or released on a different format (vinyl, deluxe CD etc). I now have a different system for back-up but anything pre 2015 is on these tapes. I'm running OSX 10.3.9 on a separate Mac but I work on something much more up to date. I can see the individual tapes listed but what i had previously was all the contents of all of those tapes on one file. Thanks again for your help. Cheers
  11. Hi all - firstly, thank you so much David and Twickland for helping me with this. I can't locate a complete backup of all the tapes (each tape is named Peacock XX on the attached jpegs) as it seems a safety copy was not made regularly (I wasn't in control of backing up so won't take the blame for that one). I can see and search the individual tapes but can only seem to select one at a time. Before I had this issue I could search a group of tapes in one go so is there a way to make a new catalog from this? Thank you.
  12. Thank you Twickland - I'll look into it. I'm running this on an old G3 Mac but can't see anything called catalogue under finder
  13. Thanks David - I'm using version 5.1. I'll have a look
  14. hi there - can anyone tell me how to view the entire contents of a tape? I only know who to search for files by name Thanks
  15. Thanks so much Twickland, i'll give that a try
  16. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to retrieve some files from a very old version of Retrospect Backup (Version 5.1.167) I have a tape with work on it and then a duplicate of that tape. Using the RESTORE feature, 0162A doesn't show any data but 0162 does (see photo) However, I only have tape 0162A. Is there any way to rename the tape or any other way to retrieve the work? Thanks in advance Chunky
  17. That worked perfectly! You're an absolute star Lennart Thanks so much, Chunky
  18. Hi Lennart - I've recreated it from the tape - it's gone through all the files and now come up... Are there any more members in this backup set? The disk, tape, or disc would be named "2-PEACOCK0162A" if i hit yes will it still recognise the tape as it has a different name? Thanks, Chunky
  19. Thank you so much Lennart, I'll give that a try