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  1. Still haven't found a solution to this. Any other possible ideas?
  2. TetroMedia is a raid that was backed up on LTO4 back in 2008 or 2009 (before my time at the company). I don't know the actual details of the files on the set. It is running through an LTO deck plugged into the mac via thunderbolt. Same as we've used on all of our other restorations. I've been trying to run the restore onto fresh newly formatted harddrives. The mac is set up with full administrative privileges. I'm not sure what is the problem with this situation.
  3. I am currently working on an 18 LTO4 tape restoration. While working on parts of the restoration, I've run into the following error multiple times: *File "/Volumes/TetroMedia/Tetro Video/Wanka Drive Backup/VFX Wanka Mattes/VFX 359 Matte/._VFX_359_Matte_00574.dpx": can't write, error -1,017 (insufficient permissions) FScSetWhichNodeInfo: USetWhichNodeInfo failed: -5,000 FScSetWhichNodeInfo: USetWhichNodeInfo failed: -5,000 I've been doing restores in chunks of about 3TB at a time. While majority of files (often about 500k+) are restoring fine, about 25-50k files per restoration are running into this error. I do not know the details of the original LTO backup, as it happened about 10 years ago. The system I am running is Mac OSX 10.10.5 running Retrospect 13.0.1.
  4. Not familiar enough with Retrospect to know if my proposed solution will or will not work for my problem. I've been put in charge of a 19 tape media set that totals up to over 16TB in size. This media set is just one large backup originally made from a RAID many years ago. My boss asked me to restore the media set and gave me a stack of 3TB drives. Is it possible to do this restore in chunks and retrieve all the data or will I need to get large drives and build out a 16+TB raid to properly do the restore? The media set is filled with LTO4 tapes with about 800GB of data each on them. So my plan was to start with restoring tapes 1-3, then stop the restore and swap out the hard drives, mark those 3 as "missing" under the media set and then start a tape 4, do 4-6, then stop the restore and swap out the drives, lather, rinse, repeat. Is this a solution that will work? I wasn't sure if Retrospect ever wrote individual files to span across tapes and if this would leave me with multiple "incomplete" files on all the drives. Thanks!
  5. Got it working finally. For some reason when I would manually check the core folder of the media set when setting up the restore, it would see it as selecting no files, but when I opened up that folder and manually selected all items within it (not literally every file, just the folders within it), the restore began to work properly.
  6. Well, option 3 is right out, because I'm restoring to a freshly formatted drive. This media set is operating unlike any others I've worked with. If I just tell it to do a full restore and restore everything in it, retrospect never even acknowledges the action and thus never starts the job. I have to tell it to restore selected files/folders and then manually browse through the media set, in which I select the root folder to be restored, and then Retrospect will acknowledge the job and begin, but that's when the error occurs. I know that there are files to be restored because I manually selected the main folder, yet it's acting as if nothing is there.
  7. Using Retrospect 13.0.1 on Mac 10.10.5, I'm having this restore completely fail. It is a 19 LTO tape media set. I had the original media set file and was running into this problem, so I tried a repair and that didn't help. So I tried to rebuild the media set fresh and now that hasn't helped either. Which is annoying because at 19 tapes, it takes almost 2 weeks to do. When I first try to do a restore of the entire source volume, retrospect does nothing. It shows nothing in progress, nothing started. To get it to even start the job, I have to go in, tell it to restore selected files and folders, then browse into the media set and check the main folder, and proceed from there. From there, I get this error (note: tapes 6 & 19 showing up as missing is not part of the problem): + Executing Restore Assistant - 7/21/17, 1:01 PM copy at 7/21/17, 1:04:47 PM To volume XSAN on TetroXSAN... Warning: volume XSAN on TetroXSAN has the "Ignore ownership" setting enabled. - 7/21/17 1:04:47 PM: Restoring from TetroMedia XSAN, Snapshot /Volumes/TetroMedia, 7/28/09 6:39:38 PM No files need to be restored Reported missing by user: "6-TetroMedia XSAN" Reported missing by user: "19-TetroMedia XSAN" 7/21/17 1:04:48 PM: Creating folders 7/21/17 1:04:48 PM: Finished creating 0 folders State information not restored, can't access Snapshot 7/21/17 1:04:48 PM: 3 execution errors Duration: 00:00:01 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)
  8. For reference, I am using Retrospect 13.0.1 on OSX 10.10.5. I am going through and working on the rebuild/restoration of a large assortment of tapes that were created eight years ago and in trying to piece together what was done eight years ago, I've come into some questions about the workings of Retrospect and understanding how it works with media sets and rebuilds. Currently, I have a multitude of tape sets that have had their catalog files lost to the sands of time and with multiple sets, tapes are either missing or damage. Thus, I'm curious how Retrospect works with the following scenarios: 1 - There is a tape set with 4 tapes. Tapes 1 & 2 are fine. Tapes 3 & 4 are damaged. There is no catalog file present. Can I rebuild the media set for tapes 1 & 2 and just leave tapes 3 & 4 off? Or can I rebuild what it can from 3 & 4 as well? Basically - during a rebuild is it all or nothing on a tape? 2 - There is a tape set of 15 tapes. Tape 6 is damaged. Catalog file is missing. Can I rebuild the media set for 1-5, skip 6, and then move to 7-15? 3 - There is a tape set of 5 tapes. Tapes 1, 2, and 3 are missing/unable to be read. Catalog file is missing. Can I rebuild the media set for just 4 & 5? 4 - Can data just be dumped from a tape onto a drive? If I have a damaged tape with no catalog file for it, rebuilds are partial but fail. Can I just have it dump the data out that it can read? Thanks!
  9. Ran the backup again over a few days while out of the office, seems like everything went flawless this time. No errors. Must have been bumped originally or something. So my problem wasn't a problem after all.
  10. Oh, my bad. Yeah, the destination of the restore is an 8TB drive plugged into the Mac via USB. It is the same destination used when accomplishing all of the other restores that have not had any problem. I have not done any volume verification. Would this error pop up if someone in the office had accidentally bumped the drive and momentarily disconnected it? I don't think that would have happened, but I wasn't present when the restore failed, so it is a possibility.
  11. I'm using a Mac Pro (Early 2008), 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core intel xeon. 12 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM ram. The drive is a Dell Powervault LTO5 drive. The tape is part of a set of four LTO3/4 tapes with 12 backups on the set. I've run five restores just fine with no errors, then that error popped up on restoring the sixth backup on the tape. For the time being, I skipped it and moved on to restoring the seven backup on the set and it's going just fine. I didn't try restoring that set that errored again.
  12. I'm running Retrospect 9.0.2 on OSX 10.8. Ran into this problem I haven't seen before. Here's the log: + Restore using Restore Assistant - 4/7/17 11:09 AM at 4/7/17 (Activity Thread 1) To volume Restored... ****** Warning: volume "Restored" has the "Ignore ownership" setting enabled. ****** - 4/7/17 11:10:13 AM: Restoring from Tetro Editorial, Snapshot /Volumes/Workspace RAID1 (ED1SR)...., 7/21/09 4:17:54 PM *File "/Volumes/Workspace RAID1 (ED1SR)/OLD Files : Folders/Old Render Files 09_12/WANKA uncomp to show WV/Sort by assem-FIN-00000003": can't write, error -1010 ( API request bad) !Trouble writing files, error -1010 ( API request bad) 4/7/17 4:42:46 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 5851 files, 159.3 GB Completed: 22984 files, 423.9 GB Performance: 1,450.2 MB/minute Duration: 05:32:32 (00:33:13 idle/loading/preparing)
  13. The Mac Pro is an early 2008. I'm now looking into getting another system with more ram. Hopefully that clears up the problems. Thanks for all the help in getting this sorted out. I'm new to LTOs and to Retrospect so I've fairly quickly had to learn the systems and start informing co-workers about how they work.
  14. The total workflow for this project is basically this: Part 1: LTO3 tape --inserted in--> Dell PowerVault LTO5 drive --connected via SAS cable--> Mac Pro (12GB ram) --sending data to--> USB 3.0 HDD docking station --containing--> hard drive (Seagate Archive HDD 8000GB) Part 2: Hard drive (Seagate Archive HDD) --mounted in--> USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station --connected to--> Mac Mini (2014 model containing 4GB ram) --exporting via Thunderbolt Cable to--> mLogic's mTape Thunderbolt LTO-6 drive --writing to--> LTO6 tape. The end goal is to convert all of our LTO3 tapes (and eventually LTO4 tapes) to LTO6 while also having copies on hard drives as we plan on sending those hard drives off to be uploaded to a cloud service. The LTO6 drive can only be connected via Thunderbolt. It has an SAS port, but that is only for connecting additional LTO6 drives for duplicate backups.
  15. Here is a screenshot of the computer when I came in this morning. Ran the process again, Retrospect is still stalling out. I could totally get behind the idea of the memory issue, as this machine being used for the backup is not just used only for that. To explain my situation fully: I'm working on upgrading a collection of LTO3 tapes to LTO6 tapes. I'm having to use an LTO5 tape deck and an LTO6 tape deck as the LTO6 tape deck does not read LTO3 tapes. I have been working on a Mac Pro with 12 gigabytes RAM while doing restores from LTO3. The LTO5 drive is connected via an SAS cable. The LTO6 drive via thunderbolt, which my Mac Pro tower does not have - so I have had to use a mac mini that my co-worker uses. I can't completely take over his computer, though, so he still is accessing the computer, working and doing such things as video editing, during the LTO6 backup process. So basically, my setup: LTO5 drive (restoring LTO3 tapes) -> SAS cable -> Mac Pro (12GB RAM) LTO6 drive (backing up LTO6 tapes) -> Thunderbolt -> Mac Mini (4GB RAM) Other Mac Mini stats: OS - Yosemite 10.10.5, Retrospect: 12.5.0