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  1. clewis

    New hard drive

    Won't that cause Retrospect to do a complete backup of the new drive, instead of a normal backup of changed files? I mean, I could do that if it were the only way, but I would prefer to continue as if there were no physical change.
  2. clewis

    New hard drive

    I installed a new hard drive in my computer, and used the manufacturer's software to transfer the operating system and files to the new drive from the old one. The computer is now booting from the new drive, and all of the programs I have tried are executing properly from the new drive. (At the moment I have the old drive disabled for testing, but I plan to use it for extra storage.) Retrospect has somehow figured out that the drive it used to back up is now labeled Drive F:, and it backs up that drive instead of the cloned Drive C:. What do I need to do to make Retrospect (Professional, version 6.5.382) pick up with the new drive where it left off with the old one? Thanks, Cliff Lewis
  3. clewis

    Backup client not found

    I think I found the problem. Somehow Windows Firewall was activated on the host computer, in addition to EZ Firewall. Disabling Windows Firewall lets Retrospect find the client. Thanks again for your help. Anyone need a slightly used but perfectly good network card? Cliff
  4. clewis

    Backup client not found

    I tried a new network card, same model as the previous one. Also removed and reinstalled the driver. Still having the same problems.
  5. clewis

    Backup client not found

    Anticipating your next suggestion, I tried using a different network adapter (actually the adapter built into the motherboard, which I stopped using because it caused numerous backup failures in the past). Retrospect was able to detect the client when I used that adapter. I guess that means I need a new adapter, unless you can suggest a configuration change that would make it work. Thanks for your help. Cliff
  6. clewis

    Backup client not found

    I tried it. Results are the same. Cliff
  7. clewis

    Backup client not found

    Hi Foster, None of the tips in the article seem to help. The client computer is running and has not been on standby. I have the latest versions of Retrospect 6.5 (6.5.382) on the host computer and of the client software (6.5.140) on the notebook. The Task Manager shows retroclient.exe running on the client computer. I am able to ping the client computer from within Retrospect, and it reports that the client is found. I have tried disabling Windows Firewall on the client computer, and uninstalling EZFirewall on the host computer. I have also made exceptions for TCP and UDP ports 497 in Windows Firewall. I am using a hardwired connection, not a wireless router. I can't prove anything, but it seems like the problems started when I installed ACT! on both computers and enabled synchronization of the databases on the two computers. Uninstalling ACT! does not fix the problem. I was having other network problems after installing ACT!, but fixed them by reinstalling software on the notebook (after Windows System Restore made a mess). Now the only problem I am having is with Retrospect.
  8. clewis

    Backup client not found

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have made explicit exceptions for port 497 for both TCP and UDP on both firewalls. I have also tried disabling Windows Firewall on the client computer, and uninstalling EZ Firewall on the Retrospect computer. None of those have solved the problem. Any other ideas? Cliff
  9. clewis

    Backup client not found

    I have been having problems with Retrospect 6.5 not being able to find the backup client on my notebook computer. I have two PCs--a desktop computer and a notebook computer, both running Windows XP. They share an internet connection through a router. Retrospect runs on the desktop PC, and the client runs on the notebook. I can have it working just fine one day, and then the next day Retrospect reports that it can't find the backup client. Right now, the rest of the network is working--each of the computers can communicate with each other, and both can access the internet, but the client is not visible. If I select the client in the backup client database window, and click Properties, it is shown as "not connected." When I click on Refresh, it searches for a while and returns an Error -530. If I click Add, it says "Searching for backup clients..." indefinitely. If I click Test in that window, and enter the IP address of the notebook, it reports that a backup client was found. But it still cannot add it to the list of clients. (Just yesterday, everything was working.) Any suggestions for troubleshooting this problem?
  10. I recently switched from CDs to two external hard drives for backups (alternating weeks with one drive kept off-site). It is soooo much easier. When I set up the new script with EasyScript, it scheduled only normal backups, with no new-media backups. Is that the recommended way to do backups to a hard disk--an initial full system backup followed by daily incremental backups forever?
  11. Seems to me that the point is not to interpret whether the ~84920.tmp file is more or less critical than msdos.sys, but whether an error -206 is more or less critical than an error -1020. For example, I got an error -206 yesterday, and now I do not know whether my backup set is still usable or entirely corrupt. I cannot find that information anywhere.
  12. clewis

    CD Error -206--Now what?

    While doing a normal backup last night, Retrospect reported an error -206, which caused an incomplete execution with 6 files out of 152 remaining. I tried running the backup again and it worked, backing up an additional 21 files. But I tried verifying the backup set's integrity and it again reported 6 unverifiable files. My question is this: Is my entire 10-CD backup set now worthless? Or are there just 6 files, which will most likely be backed up again in a day or two, that cannot be accessed? If I need to restore from the backup set, will Retrospect refuse to do anything because of those 6 unreadable files? The knowledge base articles address how to determine the cause (probably just a dirty or defective disk) but not how to repair and continue to use the backup set. Thanks, Cliff Lewis
  13. clewis

    Retrospect scheduler interferes with email

    I do have the email notification turned off, so Retrospect has no reason at all to use email. The problem is partly in the way I have Eudora configured. The MAPI files are used to automatically direct mail to the preferred email program when sent from another application. I have Eudora configured to handle these messages only when it is running. It does this by swapping the mapi.dll file with its own version when it starts up, and swapping it back when it is closed. When retrorun.exe is running (which it always is), it marks this file as being in use, and prevents Eudora from swapping it. I could work around the problem by choosing an all-or-none approach--either set Eudora to always handle mail from other apps, or to never handle mail from other apps. I guess either would be acceptable, but it still bugs me that Retrospect interferes with it.
  14. Ever since upgrading to Retrospect Professional 6.5, I have had problems using Eudora for email. I get an error message saying, "Could not install Eudora MAPI system because MAPI.DLL and/or MAPI32.DLL are in use. Please close any MAPI clients that are running (including Exchange.)" If I disable retrorun.exe (not an easy thing to do), the problem goes away, so I am certain that it is causing the problem. I posted a message about this a week ago. I got no replies, and only a few people even looked at it. Am I the only person with this problem? Or the only one bothered by it? Yes, I can work around it, but it is annoying and I do not like programs that take control of other applications, especially when they have nothing to offer in that application. Even if Retrospect needs to do something with email, it ought to call this function only when it needs it and leave it free for other applications when it is not running.
  15. Having performed a couple of restorations using the disaster recovery disk of version 5.6, I would like to recommend a change to the text. After the recovery is complete, users are told that the computer will reboot, and that this rebooting will take longer than usual because of the need to remove the temporary operating system. This is an understatement. Rebooting takes several hours, with only a blinking DOS cursor to reassure that the computer is actually doing something. A status bar would be nice. If that is not possible, the instructions should at least let the user know that 6 hours or more is normal. The disaster recovery process is stressful enough without wondering if the whole operation has frozen up.