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    -505 Client is Reserved

    Yes & I'm very grateful! This is our first setup with retrospect. I'm going back to the company who set it up on our behalf to resolve the issue as it hasn't worked since day 1.
  2. tvickers

    -505 Client is Reserved

    Our 3 scripts are set to run overnight spaced by 2 hours so that shouldn't be an issue. Our infrastructure is solid so I'm more suspect of the external hard drives. The following log from our Media suite however contains no external hard drives.
  3. tvickers

    -505 Client is Reserved

    For reference, the PhotographyNN are external hard drives. Those are a separate issue really (since they seem to be going to sleep despite energy saver settings). As for what is interrupting the connection, I'm not sure. There is little other network traffic to speak of on-site at the times of these backups. Does Retrospect handle jobs sequentially or all in parallel? If it handles them in parallel then could it just be the inevitable slowdown caused by 30 simultaneous connections?
  4. tvickers

    -505 Client is Reserved

    No, just the one on a mac-mini also running 10.10.5 and Is it possible that there are just too many machines (up to 30) connecting at once and thus timing out. The -505 error seems to occur when connecting to a client then interrupting that connection.
  5. I manage approximately 90 iMacs in a school. We have just been set up with a Retrospect backup solution. All are fresh Yosemite (10.10.5) installs with Retrospect client connecting to server on same version and same network. I am able to add all the macs to the sources then add them into the scripts for our media sets (Photography, Media, Music). When the scheduled backups run however, the majority or connected machines fail returning error code -505 Client is Reserved. Maybe 3-4 successfully connect and back up in each media set. I am able to disconnect (Cmd + click "off" on the client's retrospect configuration) then reconnect them so they don't report the error anymore but by the time they try to backup (an overnight process) they are reporting the same error again. I really need to get this working as, at the moment, all our student's work on the macs is not being backed up, this is not an acceptable position for the school to be in. Any help would be much-appreciated!