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  1. I checked permissions multiple times, compared ACLs on available for backup folders with missing and everything looks exactly the same. Yes I checked Volumes, I can select available shares, but as I mentioned before content of those shares are incomplete. When I ran backup it only scans 600GB when share has 10TB. I don't use any additional options for backup. So no exclude on server side. I just installed clean Retrospect Server on different machine and faced same problem with this client. So the problem is definitely on client side. I also installed trial version of NAS OS and it works fine. Retrospect client can scan all the folders and will list all the files and folders. Not having an access to NAS at root level kills me. Open-E support is useless ( I am trying to be polite here). I wrote on they forum about my experience with they product and my post was declined by forum admin.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am certified EMC Isilon specialist. Managing linux based storage systems is my everyday job. In this case permissions should't be the problem. Nothing changed since retro agent was setup and worked about 3 years. I think retro agent (I don't have cli access to NAS to make sure) is running under root account. Client lists only 5 folders from available 30 inside of share. All files/folders have the same permissions applied. So my questions is how to force RetroClient to rescan folder under Linux or how to trash client preferences to force rescan ? Thank you.
  3. Hello, Here is situation: Retrospect 9 installed on Windows server 2008, backup goes to tapes using tape library. Retro Client installed on NAS (open-e). There are multiple shares configured on NAS. For some reason Retro Client lists only some folders/files (created long time ago) inside those shares. So I can't do full share backup because R Client doesn't see all available folders/files. It used to work for a couple of years and now it is broken. Unfortunately I don't have an access to NAS box, only open-e support can fix files on root level and I am trying to help them. I am thinking that there is retro. database stored somewhere and they have to remove it and restart client. Any ideas ? Suggestions ? Thank you!