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  1. My apologies. Russ is correct here. The only way to do this would be to pre-name all of the tapes in your library slots so that an erased tape wouldn't be grabbed by accident.
  2. michaeln

    Burning to DVD

    Hi, You can't view the contents of the DVD backup thru Windows Explorer, only thru Retrospect. You can verify your backups by going into Retrospect > Configure > Backup Sets.
  3. Hi, A couple things to add here: 1. With the Atto UL3 card, you may want to verify in the System Profiler that you are running driver 3.2.1 and firmware 1.6.6f0. 2. Just to verify, in Device Status under the driver column, do you see a driver listed for the PV-124T? (probably not but just checking) 3. As you mentioned and I'm not sure if this is normal for the Dell PV-124T but usually the library and tape drives are on different SCSI ID's for modern loaders ie. SCSI-A:2:0 Ultrium-TD3 and SCSI-A:5:0 PV-124T. Maybe verify with the System Profiler and the actual loader to see if they are on SCSI ID 3. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, It looks like the supported devices list hasn't been updated yet but most likely the Retrospect driver for the Sony DW-D150A doesn't support DVD-R since it is reporting as "not compatible" (even though the drive itself may support DVD-R). I would recommend using DVD+R media instead of DVD-R anyways as it is better suited for packet-writing which is the method Retrospect uses to write to optical media.
  5. Hi, The only way to select specific tapes as a destination in your backup script is to erase the tapes and pre-name them according to the backup set you will be using. For example, if you would like a particular group of tapes to be backed up to "Backup Set A", then you will need to pre-name the tapes "1-Backup Set A", "2-Backup Set A", "3-Backup Set A" and so on. The ability to create magazine library slots is purely a UI feature for viewing your tapes in an organized manner.
  6. Hi, Just wondering but is volume "xxx" your local hd or a partition? The error 500's are generally a communication problem between the client and the backup machine. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the client? Hope this helps.
  7. Hmmm, that's a weird one. The only time I've seen that is when the permissions were set incorrectly. If you are familiar with the terminal, you might want to check the permissions and "chmod" the Retrospect directory to "775". Otherwise it might be easier to just uninstall/reinstall the application. Your Retrospect configuration is in "Library > Preferences > Retrospect > Retro.config (6.0)" and won't be removed during the uninstall so your settings will be intact.
  8. michaeln

    Insufficent Permissions -1017

    You can try checking that eventid number of the VSS error at http://www.eventid.net. They have some good information on how to address these types of errors.
  9. michaeln

    Error -109

    Hi, Some questions here: 1. Are you running the latest version of Retrospect and driver update ie. 7.5.324 and RDU7.5.9.102? 2. What kind of tape drive and is the firmware up to date? (Configure > Devices > Environment tab for details) 3. What kind of connection to the tape drive ie. SCSI, USB, Firewire? 4. Just to verify, this is happening on multiple tapes correct? You may want to try cleaning your tape drive as well. Hope this helps.
  10. michaeln

    Backup Set with no Snapshots...what do I do?

    Hi, You can restore without snapshots by going to "Restore" > "Find Files" and leaving the search criteria blank to see all files that have been backed up. 2 possible reasons for why no snapshot was taken: 1.) You unchecked the "Save source snapshots for restore" box in your backup options. 2.) The snapshot is saved towards the end of the backup process after all the files have been copied and your backup ended pre-maturely. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi, I just checked the size of the i386 folder on a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 installation CD and it is reporting a size of 527MB. Can you verify that the i386 folder from your OEM installation CD's or "recovery" partitions are around this size?
  12. Hi Rob, If you uncheck the security settings in the backup under "Options > Windows > Security" does it still try to backup 27GB of incremental data? You can verify this without actually running the backup. Go to "Backup > Backup > Select your Source and Destination > Selecting should be 'All Files' > click 'Preview'". The browser window that pops up will show you how many files are going to be backed up again (diamond icon means that an identical file already exists in the backup).
  13. Hi, A couple questions: 1. Have you rebooted the server after enabling ACL's on the volume. Please see this KB article for details: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=8328&p=2 2. When you set the ACL's on the volume or folder, are you propagating the permissions to all subfolders and files? If you are just setting ACL's of the root folder, Retrospect will be grabbing the contents of that folder (with no ACL's set) and duplicating. 3. Does a drag and drop display ACL's on the destination folder in Workgroup Manager? By the way, CallMeDave, I noticed that when a sparseimage is created, by default it's set to "Ignore ownership on this volume". Just wondering if you unchecked that when you did your test.
  14. Hi, Make sure you have the Retrospect Driver Update You may also need to remove the retropds.23 file located in "/usr/local/dantz/client". That file will be recreated when the server connects to the client again.
  15. Hi, Sorry I forgot to follow up on this thread ... If Retrospect is launched AUTOMATICALLY, in most cases the Local System Account is running Retrospect and hence the "RetroMapped_#.tmp" files will be stored in C:\Windows\Temp. However, if Retrospect is being launched MANUALLY by a user account (at the very top of the Retrospect screen next to the red cube you will see what user you are running Retrospect under eg. "TS-Michael\michael"), then the "RetroMapped_#.tmp" will be in "C:\Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Local Settings\Temp". If you remove them (make sure Retrospect is closed), then those messages should go away. These files are automatically deleted after the execution which is what we have seen in our tests. Thanks to scottjwoodford for finding and confirming this.