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  1. Is it possible to do a "baremetal" restore of a Linux system, SuSE in my case, with Retrospect? Anyone have a how to? Thank you in advance. Bob Dehn
  2. I have a tape that needs to be replaced in a set because of failures. Is there a way to "copy" the current tape so that I don't lose the data on it? Thanks in advance for any help! Bob Dehn
  3. We are using RS 6.5 with the latest clients and updates. I have many errors in the logs because of open files (jet*.tmp as an example). I have tried to exclude these files and others and the log still shows an error. I have even "checked" the selector config and it shows that the files would not be backed up. The script shows that it is using the selector I have configured. What am I doing wrong? Bob Dehn
  4. bdehn

    Config65.dat questions

    Is there a way to "turn off" backing up the config file every time Retrospect is closed? Because the file is getting so large it takes quite a while to shutdown the application. Has there been any discussion of separating the details into several files so that this isn't such a problem? Thank you for your help. Bob Dehn
  5. I have noticed for a while that shutting down RS 6.5 Multiserver is taking very long. I did some looking around and noticed that the config65.dat is 120MB! Is this normal? Will it just keep growing? Is there a way to "compress" the file to a smaller size? Thank you in advance for any help! Bob Dehn