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  1. I have updated several of my computers to Windows 10. On one machine I had recently installed Retrospect 10 and then upgraded the machine to Windows 10. The Retrospect client transferred to the new operating system without a problem. On two other machines I did a clean install of Windows 10. I have tried to run the Retrospect Client installation program on each of these machines, but the install program hangs at the 'Installing Retrospect Client 10.0' screen. The status bar remains empty for several minutes until finally I get a new screen with a message that 'the wizard was interrupted before Retrospect Client 10.0 could be completely installed'. I have tried installing as an administrator and tried installing in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode. But I can never get past the 'Installing ...' screen. How do I proceed to install the Retrospect 10.0 Client on a Windows 10 machine?