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  1. Ahh I see, thanks a lot!! thank you very much!!
  2. Hello dear fellow Restrospect users, I simply want to have a rotating backup with 2 media sets. Basically one media set for the first two weeks (with backups everyday), another media set for the two following weeks (also with backups everyday), and roll it over. So I tried "repeat: every week, each 2 weeks, and ticking every day of the week" But instead of backing up for two weeks each 2 weeks (where's that option?), it only backs up for one week long each 2 weeks. No matter all the options I try, I only get one week at once, and decide the pause, but it seems I can never get a two week backup each 2 weeks. If I select every day every 15 days let's say, still it backs up a week, and pauses for 15 days. Is there a way I can get what I want with my Retrospect server 12.02 Mac? Thanks a lot for your help on this one.